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GLSL Optimizer for mobile platforms

During development of Unity 3, it was discovered that GLSL compiled poorly for mobile platforms. Enter the Mesa and GLSL Optimizer. GLSL Optimizer is available on Github.

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GeeXLab 0.2.5 Demotool Adds fp64 Support in GLSL Shaders

The new version of GeeXLab adds the support of double precision (or fp64) in GLSL shaders. A Julia set rendering demo showing the difference between fp32 and fp64 is also available. GeeXLab is a tool for quick coding and prototyping of real time 3D scenes (demos, tests, casual games, benchmarks). It is based on widely used standards such as XML, Lua, Python and OpenGL / GLSL. GeeXLab has been designed for developers and technical 3D artists and is available for Windows.

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History of hardware tessellation by Daniel Rákos

With the introduction of Shader Model 5.0 hardware and the API support provided by OpenGL 4.0 made GPU based geometry tessellation a first class citizen in the latest graphics applications. While the official support from all the commodity graphics card vendors and the relevant APIs are quite recent news, little to no people know that hardware tessellation has a long history in the world of consumer graphics cards. In this article I would like to present a brief introduction to tessellation and discuss about its evolution that resulted in what we can see in the latest technology demos and game titles.

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OpenGL 2 engine jMonkeyEngine is an ‘Open Source Graphics Software’ Finalist

In this year’s Open Source Awards, hosted by PacktPub, a new category called ‘Open Source Graphics Software’ was added. jMonkeyEngine, a game engine supporting OpenGL 2 and above, is the first ever strictly game oriented software to make it as a finalist in this contest. Voting begins 27. September; fellow game and graphics development enthusiasts are more than welcome to lend a hand. Push the button in the name of OpenGL and open 3D graphics software!

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NVIDIA’s OpenGL Functionality presentation from GTC

Mark Kilgard discussed NVIDIA’s OpenGL Functionality at the 2010 GPU Technology Conference in San Jose. Presented topics include OpenGL 3.3, 4.0, and 4.1; programmable tessellation; double-precision shaders, DirectX interoperability; Cg 3.0; system profiling of OpenGL and other APIs with Parallel Nsight; and extensions beyond 4.1.

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TNGViewer significantly improves cache performance

Immaginaria Ltd. is happy to announce an update to TNGViewer, featuring a substantial improvement in scene cache performance. Textures images can now be stored uncompressed in the cache, which provides shorter import times at the cost of a little disk space. Furthermore, rendering resources footprint has been reduced in both the OpenGL and DirectX renderers. Finally, the Open Asset Import Library was upgraded to version 1.1 (r815), improving file format support.

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Presagis Announces a SeaWind OpenGL Hardware-Accelerated Driver Optimized for Intel Chipsets

Presagis announced the release of the SeaWind family of drivers optimized for Intel chipsets (Seawind for Intel driver family). The new SeaWind for Intel driver family offers support for X11R7 and OpenGL 2.1 and works with a wide variety of Intel express graphics devices. The new driver family provides embedded developers with the ability to explore new hardware form-factor possibilities while benefitting from reductions in heat dissipation, power, and weight.

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Bullet 2.77 Physics SDK adds OpenCL cloth simulation

The new Bullet 2.77 Physics SDK features OpenCL cloth simulation, contributed by AMD under the permissive ZLib license. The OpenCL implementation has been tested on AMD and NVIDIA GPUs for Windows and Linux as well as the Apple OpenCL implementation for GPUs on Mac OSX Snow Leopard. The full source code and precompiled Windows executable demos are available for download.

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OpenGL Game Engine BlendELF 0.9 Beta 3 Released

New release of the open source OpenGL game engine BlendELF is now available for download. New major features are early support for OpenGL 1.1 and Blender 2.54, Anti-aliasing, Fog and improvements to Occlusion Culling and importing common model formats.

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Linderdaum Engine uses OpenGL 3.2 Core Profile

Linderdaum Engine has migrated to OpenGL 3.2 Core Profile with GLSL 1.50. Recent up-to-date source code is available from our page at using public read-only Git repository at SourceForge. We are working hard towards completion of a Linux port and hardware tesselation support. Linderdaum Engine is an open source gaming and rendering engine written is C++ with GPU accelerated volume rendering support.

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Galaxy Engine Open Source

JAM Studios has been developing Galaxy Engine for the past year and is now releasing it as open source under the new BSD license! Galaxy Engine is a complete game development package for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Galaxy Engine is programmed in Cocoa / Objective-C and uses the OpenGL, and OpenAL libraries for powerful graphics and sound. Galaxy Engine provides common classes to OpenGL development such as Models and Textures. It also includes critical tools and their source for game development such as: Level Editor, Terrain Editor, Model Viewer, Particle Editor, and Shader IDE. It also includes features such as: vertex animation, advanced lighting, dynamic shadows, vertex and pixel shaders, normal mapping, parallax mapping, and massive outdoor environments.

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OpenGL capabilities chart for OS X

Developers and end-users alike will find the OS X OpenGL capabilities chart useful.

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Stereoscopic OpenGL

A short tutorial describing the specifics involved when implementing both Parallel, and Toed-in camera methods using OpenGL graphics programming API. Examples are available in Python and C++.

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Audio, Physics, and Developer Tools for OpenGL based OpenSceneGraph

Skew Matrix Software is pleased to announce new releases of three open-source projects to support software development with the OpenGL-based OpenSceneGraph (OSG) toolkit.

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Esenthel Engine now uses OpenGL ES for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

Esenthel Engine has recently added full support for mobile platforms such as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can see it in action here. Esenthel Engine is a professional 3D Game Engine which supports: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, DirectX 9-10-10.1 &11, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Nvidia PhysX - Bullet and Unlimited Sized Worlds. Esenthel Engine SDK comes with: Tools (World Editor, Mesh Editor, Gui Editor, ...), 100+ tutorials and documentation.

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