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Full GTC OpenGL presentation available with audio

The GPU Technology Conference’s complete OpenGL tutorial “OpenGL: The Train Has Left the Station” is now available for streaming. Hear and see slides presented by NVIDIA’s OpenGL experts: Barthold Lichtenbelt, Mark Kilgard, and Michael Gold. Learn about OpenGL’s future feature set, including Shader Model 5.0 and programable tessellation; interopability with CUDA; and OpenGL 3.2’s features.

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EMotion FX v3.8 released, now completely OpenGL based

EMotion FX v3.8 is now completely OpenGL based. EMotion FX is a real-time character animation and model export system.

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S3 Graphics announces 5400E Power Efficient GPGPU - supports OpenGL 3.1 and OpenCL

S3 Graphics announced the OpenCL 1.0 capable Chrome 5400E GPGPU processor. The 5400E features native support of OpenCL, the industry’s best GFLOPS per watt rating including, a OpenGL 3.1 / DirectX® 10.1 graphics engine, ChromotionHD video core for HD video decode including Blu-ray, H.264, and VC-1, a video encode engine, and an OpenVG 1.1 engine. The 5400E is the most versatile GPU for embedded applications requiring longevity, customization, performance, features, and low power. Complete details are available on the S3 Graphics website.

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The Open Toolkit 0.9.9-3 improves OpenGL 3.2 support

The Open Toolkit library is an advanced, low-level C# wrapper around OpenGL, OpenAL and OpenCL. It is suitable for games, scientific applications and any other project that requires 3d graphics, audio or compute functionality. The 0.9.9-3 release resolves a large number of issues in the OpenGL and OpenCL bindings, the NativeWindow and the GLControl classes, as well as the math library. Morevore, it adds type-safe wrappers for OpenGL 3.2, as well as Icon and text input support to NativeWindow.

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NVIDIA RealityServer combines CUDA, OpenGL and iRay to get 3D Cloud Computing Using Tesla GPUs

NVIDIA and Mental Images announced the new NVIDIA RealityServer platform for cloud computing. The RealityServer platform uses CUDA and iray photo-realistic rendering technology to combine OpenGL rendering with ray-tracing for best quality. Although rendering is not yet done in real time, it is pretty close, and pretty impressive. What would normally take a person a couple of hours to render, can be done in a few seconds on the RealityServer platform.

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All About Shadow Volumes presentation

Stenciled shadow volumes provide a GPU-accelerated basis for shadow determination. Learn from this SIGGRAPH 2004 presentation how OpenGL features such as stencil testing, wrapping stencil operations, two-sided stencil testing, and depth clamping (now a standard part of OpenGL 3.2) provide the API necessary to optimize shadow volume rendering in your 3D application.

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Cairo-Dock 2.1.0 Released, OpenGL Mode Now Works With The Latest OpenSource ATI And Intel Drivers

Cairo Dock v2.0 is a favoured dock for the Linux operating system. Unfortunately, when it first came out, some Intel and ATI graphic card users were not able to run it in OpenGL mode, which is what’s amazing about Cairo Dock. Users of Cairo Dock may now rejoice, the dock in OpenGL mode now works with the very latest OpenSource drivers for ATI and Intel video card.

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OpenGL Connected Component Labeling

GPUCL is an OpenGL implementation of Connected Component Labeling (blob detection). The implementation makes use of framebuffer blending, GLSL fragment and vertex shaders, occlusion queries and stencil routing. Every step is performed entirely on the GPU using the OpenGL API. This project was developed as part of my Master’s thesis. A compiled win32 binary is included with a sample image. Documentation is also included detailing the framework.

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OpenGL 3 Samples Pack

OpenGL 3.1 and 3.2 code samples are available to document the OpenGL API. These samples do not use any deprecated OpenGL code, and are aim at getting you started with the most recent API and its lastest features: Blocks, vertex array object, instancing, framebuffer object, mapped buffer range, texture rectangle, texture array, compressed texture and more.

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DMP announces a two day getting start GLSL Programming training course

DMP has announced a new two day getting start GLSL Programming training course on December 10th and 11th 2009. This course introduces the world of programmable pipeline by explaining basic topics of the GLSL(OpenGL Shading Language)  which is a core feature of OpenGL ES 2.x and OpenGL 2.x. The course is offered in Japan in Japanese.

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Toon Boom Studio 5 offers OpenGL enabled features

Toon Boom has released version 5 of their animation software. An animation application ideal for students and hobbyists looking for an easy-to-use, multi-technique animation software. Features include stop-motion, traditional digital animation, traditional paper animation, cut-out and rotoscoping and much more. Toon Boom Studio 5 includes OpenGL enabled anti-aliasing, for smooth and clean renders.

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ATI Stream SDK v2 beta 4 offers OpenCL GPU and CPU support

The new ATI Stream SDK v2.0 - beta 4 adds OpenCL GPU support to the existing CPU support. OpenCL is about accelerating applications on heterogeneous systems - ALL the processors in your system. With AMD’s beta 4 OpenCL implementation, you will be able to take one source code base and re-target it to your CPUs or GPUs - it will run on both - and take advantage of your entire platform. Khronos has a forum thread open for discussions.

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TechSoup offers an intensive 4 day OpenGL 3 course

Bolt yourself to your chair, because it’s going to be an intense 4 days of OpenGL 3. Regardless of if you’re new to graphics, new to OpenGL, or just looking to uncover the latest techniques that OpenGL will allow, this is your course. We’ll teach you all aspects of OpenGL 3 from soup (of course) to nuts, or from triangles to fragments. A complete outline is available on the Khronos website or on the TechSoup website.

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Night Vision Post Processing GLSL Shader

OpenGL 2.0 compatible night vision post processing shader in OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL). The complete source code is provided with a demo, showing the shader in action.

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ThreeDify releases OpenGL-based AsdGraph3D Excel Addin v1.5.3

This new release adds three predefined 2D views (XY, YZ and XZ) of 3D graphs, enabling both 3D and 2D plots of the same graph for enhanced data visualization. The new release also adds several other GUI enhancements.

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