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AMD Unveils Powerful New ATI Radeon HD 5800 Graphics Cards

The new ATI Radeon HD 5800 series boast up to 2.72 teraflops of computer power. The ATI Radeon HD 5800 is the first to support Microsoft DirectX 11, the new gaming and compute standard that will ship with Windows 7. It will also support OpenGL, DirectX 9, DirectX 10 and DirectX 10.1 titles in single card configurations or multi-card configurations using ATI CrossFireX technology. AMD claims the new 5800 series card is up to twice as fast as the closest competing product in its class.

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Lucid Hydra 200 to load balance OpenGL and DirectX commands across Multi-GPUs

Lucid Technologies has announced the Lucid Hydra 200. AnandTech has looked inside this new chip to see what it does. The Hydra 200 intercepts OpenGL and DirectX commands from the CPU to the GPU and load balance them across any number of GPUs from any vendor. The final buffers are read back by the Lucid chip and sent to primary GPU for display.

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Bootstrap Studios Announces the OpenGL enabled Bootstrap Engine

The Bootstrap Engine is a high performance OpenGL enabled graphics and animation engine that dramatically decreases the time required to create high quality content, while at the same time dramatically enhancing graphics quality. Its innovative texturing engine allows artists to use totally unique textures all over the game world. This means that every brick, every blade of grass, every pore on your boss monster’s face will be totally unique. Features include 64-bit color high dynamic range renderer, support for entirely unique texture data all over your scenes, support for all modern shader based rendering techniques, dynamic shadow mapping support for all light types, powerful scripted material system, OpenGL and DirectX support.

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OpenGL 3.2 explicit_multisample demo

Antialising in deferred shading was always a pain. Now we can use explicit multisample feature to produce better visuals in OpenGL applications.

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Layar Reality Browser uses OpenGL to add 3D to its Platform

Layar is using OpenGL to add 3D to its platform. Along with the accelerometer, the GPS and the compass of the Android phone, OpenGL is being used to add 3D to Layar’s mobile augmented reality browser. Layar 3D will be available to the public in November of this year.

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TNGViewer update extends support for OpenGL texturing and more

Immaginaria Ltd. is happy to announce an update to its TNGViewer application, featuring independent OpenGL texture wrapping on the U and V coordinates, plus several other rendering and usability fixes. This release also features reduced installer size, improved handling of unsupported models and scenes, and support for machines with unrecognized or absent audio hardware. More details are available in the version history.

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GLM 0.8.4 released

OpenGL Mathematics (GLM) is a C++ mathematics library for 3D software based on the OpenGL Shading Language (GLSL) specification. This new release add support for Visual Studio 2010 and GCC 4.4.

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Irrlicht 1.5.1 offers support for Range Fog in OpenGL

The Irrlicht Engine is an open source high performance realtime 3D engine written and usable in C++ and also available for .NET languages. The latest release offers many bug fixes and a few new features including range fog in OpenGL, and COLLADA file loading.

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Hotchips 2009 Khronos slide presentations now online

The Khronos Group hosted a series of OpenCL tutorials at the Hotchips 2009 event in August on high performance chips. All of these OpenCL tutorials are now online in the Khronos Developers Library. Included are tutorials from AMD, EA, Intel, Nokia, NVIDIA, and of course the Khronos Group.

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VSXu visualizer 0.1.18 released for Windows & GNU/Linux

Making full use of OpenGL, as the only truly multi platform graphics API, VSXu 0.1.18 (including its GUI) is released simultaneously on Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux. VSXu is a VPL (Visual Programming Language) that allows you to create realtime graphics and play back the creations in the VSXu player for music visualization, theatre/live use and more… VSXu is free software released under the GPL license.

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JefeCheck 1.4 uses OpenGL to accelerate VFX playback and review

Startup software developer JefeCorp introduced JefeCheck v1.4, a powerful high resolution image player and review system, designed to run on any of the three major platforms (Windows, Linux and OS X) using commodity OpenGL hardware. After being used in several productions, JefeCheck has proven to be an incredible tool for sequence playback on artist workstations, client computers and screening rooms. JefeCheck works with almost any image format in low or high resolution, playing up to 4K image sequences at 24 frames per second on consumer hardware. Available for Windows XP, Mac OSX and Linux, JefeCheck is positioned as a link between artists, clients, producers and directors with an easy to use interface and a powerful OpenGL engine to give the best performance on any platform. With Real Time color correction, 3D LUTs, and blue/green screen compositing and layering, among many other real time effects, JefeCheck is also a great preview tool for artist workstations.

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Algoryx releases OpenGL based Algodoo

Algoryx Simulation AB, Umeå, Sweden, announces the release of Algodoo. Algodoo is a 2D-simulation environment for creating interactive scenes in a playful, cartoony manner, making use of the physics that we use to explain our real world. It targets both recreational use and entertainment as well as educational use in schools. Algodoo utilizes OpenGL for eye pleasing cartoon style rendering of physics simulations. OpenGL also enables seamless portability between MS Windows, Apple OS X and Linux.

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OpenTK 0.9.9-2 C# OpenGL bindings

OpenTK is an advanced, cross-platform library that provides Mono/.Net OpenGL, OpenGL ES, OpenAL and OpenCL bindings. The latest version adds support for all OpenGL ES extensions, significantly improves the OpenCL bindings and the ARB_imaging subset of OpenGL. A new compatibility module now allows Tao framework applications to run on OpenTK and improves behavior on broken xlib implementations. Finally, this version adds support for the iPhone platform via the MonoTouch project.

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