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OpenGL LOVE Engine architecture explained

OpenGL veteran Eskil Steenberg in his latest blog explains the architecture and optimization strategies used for his upcoming non-photorealistic game LOVE. By using some radical OpenGL optimizations the engine is able to render beautiful images of dynamic environments at high frame rates and high resolution on inexpensive hardware. For screen shots and video visit this page.

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3D surgical simulator based on OpenGL

The Visible Ear Simulator, is a beta-freeware drilling simulator developed by the Danish National Hospital and the Alexandra Institute. It will aid surgeons in developing their temporal bone drilling skills. The simulator is based on OpenGl and uses advanced shaders to accelrate the interactive volume rendering.

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AGI Releases Insight3D – an OpenGL Based Component for 3D Aerospace and GIS Visualization

AGI announces Insight3D - a .NET control that lets developers add 3D visualization to their aerospace and GIS applications. Insight3D supports terrain, imagery, 3D models, satellite orbits, aircraft routes and more. Objects can be animated and also interacted with through picking and flexible camera control. GLSL is used to accurately position objects over globe and space distances, project video onto terrain, render text and markers, conform polygons to terrain, and more. Insight3D is free for development and non-commercial use.

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The Open Toolkit 0.9.9 brings OpenCL to .Net

The Open Toolkit is a set of advanced, cross-platform bindings to OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL for Mono/.Net. The latest release adds support for the OpenCL ‘flat’ API and improves platform integration and speed.

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OpenSceneGraph Professional Services releases OpenGL based OpenSceneGraph 2.8.1

OpenSceneGraph Professional Services announces the release of OpenSceneGraph 2.8.1. OpenSceneGraph 2.8 written entirely in Standard C++ and built upon OpenGL, offers developers working in the visual simulation, game development, virtual reality, scientific visualization and modeling markets - a real-time visualization tool which eclipses commercial scene graph toolkits in functionality, stability and performance.

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Boris Continuum Complete 6 AVX adds new OpenGL accelerated filters

Boris FX has released the full version of Boris Continuum Complete 6 AVX. The plug-in adds nearly 200 filters to video and film editing programs such as Final Cut Pro, Motion, and Adobe After Effects. Included in the almost 200 filters are OpenGL accelerated filters including Lightning and Title Mosaic and the 3D text generator.

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ALT Software to deliver DO-178B certifiable OpenGL drivers for the ATI Radeon™ E4690

ALT Software, the leading provider of advanced graphics software for safety-critical embedded systems, today announced its commitment to deliver DO-178B certifiable OpenGL drivers for the ATI Radeon™ E4690, AMD’s newest high performance embedded graphics accelerator. As part of its commitment to AMD’s Embedded GPU roadmap, ALT Software will be delivering both OpenGL SC (Safety Critical) and OpenGL ES 2.0 support for the ATI Radeon E4690.

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GPU Developers Summit—tutorials, presentations on OpenCL, OpenGL, C++ and more

The GPU Developers Summit will be a 3-day series of technical presentations, tutorials and panels aimed at developers of consumer, professional and high performance computing applications looking to exploit more of the GPU’s parallel processing power using industry-standard languages such as C/C++ and Fortran as well as APIs such as Direct3D, DirectX Compute, OpenCL™ and OpenGL.

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Use tessellation in OpenGL to render at 6-times the speed

By using tessellation in OpenGL, the same level of detail can be rendered at 6-times the speed and save more than 50% of video memory, not to mention the bandwidth saved from uploading significantly less geometry. Very little work is needed to get tessellation running on a FirePro or Radeon card in any OpenGL app. Just enable tessellation state in OpenGL with the AMD_vertex_shader_tessellator and pick your tessellation factor based on how detailed you would like the geometry to be. The application vertex shaders can also be updated to correct texture coordinates based on the generated geometry.

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Modular and Procedural system for City generation using OpenGL

Structure is a procedural system generating virtual cities including destroyable building interiors. For rendering of the massive city the system is using OpenGL hardware acceleration and ARB_occlusion_query.

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Grome 2 OpenGL Based Modeler Released

Quad Software announced today the release of Grome 2 modeling application. Grome is an OpenGL outdoor modeling editor used by professional game developers and companies from 3D simulation industry. Based on positive feedback from professional users, the Grome editor was enhanced to a more complete outdoor modeling solution by adding support for water surfaces, vegetation, and new tools for its terrain generators. The editor is using OpenGL hardware acceleration to apply complex terrain, water and object materials using OpenGL Shading Language. OpenGL based GPGPU solutions are used for custom modules computations like road networks editing. More information on the product webpage.

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TNGViewer updates cross-platform OpenGL viewer

Immaginaria Ltd. is happy to announce an update to TNGViewer, its interactive cross-platform OpenGL viewer, featuring vastly improved default lighting for simple 3D models/scenes that do not contain any lights. The new key/fill/back/ambient model features individually controllable lights. Also, TNGViewer now supports modifier+mouse shortcuts in icon navigation mode (besides user mode), for easy rotation, panning and zooming.

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Twenty Sided creates a procedural city with C++ and OpenGL

Twenty Sided has created a fascinating 14 part in-depth look at how he created a Windows ScreenSaver using C++ and OpenGL. The complete code is available through SVN from here and a demo here.

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OSG Composer, OpenGL Interactive 3D scene editor, released

Simulation Lab Software is proud to announce the release of OSG Composer, an OpenGL interactive application, to build advanced 3D scenes. OSG Composer allows the user to add models from different sources, place them using interactive draggers and snapping tools, specify materials, add texture coordinates, and pack the scenes to be shared on different machines. OSG Composer is available in two versions, OSG Composer Lite, which is free version even for commercial use, and OSG Composer CAD version, which is an inexpensive option to add support to CAD formats including Solidworks, IGES, STEP, Rhino, SketchUp, FBX, 3D XMAL, and more. OSG Composer is supported on Windows and Mac OSX

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Tribal Trouble released - OpenGL from the browser

Tribal Trouble 2 is the 3D realtime strategy game played from your browser. In the browser you manage your Viking tribe and choose what quests to go on, and when it is time to fight, an OpenGL window is automatically launched with no plugin requirements other than the Java plugin.

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