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AMD FireGL accelerators and MachStudio Pro change the nature of 3D workflows on the desktop

A few weeks ago, AMD announced a strategic partnership with StudioGPU to develop MachStudio Pro. Using the GPU, MachStudio Pro makes possible real-time 3D workflows for lighting and FX. I recently had a chance to play with the software and have posted initial impressions. Check out the test render of a scene of 2.2 million polygons, rendered on a FireGL V8650 at 1024 X 576. The 99 frames rendered in under 45 sec. and include mutliple light sources, soft shadows, gels, and ambient occlusion.

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Rendering in OpenGL faster with Bindless Graphics

NVIDIA just released a new and faster way of rendering with OpenGL, called Bindless Graphics. Bindless Graphics are changes to OpenGL that can enable close to an order of magnitude improvement in the CPU-limitedness of graphics applications. Recent improvements in programmability have focused on additional flexibility in shaders (expanding formats to include more float and integer types, better branching support, etc.) and enabling new features (geometry programs, transform feedback, etc), and while some of these allow offloading parts of certain workloads to the GPU, they don’t directly attack the issues that dominate CPU time.

Bindless Graphics is enabled through two OpenGL extensions. NV_shader_buffer_load and NV_vertex_buffer_unified_memory. You can read the Bindless graphics tutorial for more detail. Post your experiences on this OpenGL forum thread.

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Caustic Graphics releases CausticRT with CausticOne—an OpenGL based API

Caustic Graphics has released CausticRT(TM), the worlds only massively accelerated raytracing system for achieving breakthrough levels of quality in interactive, cinema-quality 3D computer graphics. With this release, Caustic Graphics includes the CausticOne(TM) raytracing accelerator card and the CausticGL(TM) programming API based on OpenGL.

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5-day intensive OpenGL™ ES & EGL training seminar

Intelligraphics, Inc., a leader in device driver and system level software development, today announced a 5-day intensive OpenGL™ ES & EGL training course. This course is tailor-made with driver developers in mind primarily focusing on OpenGL™ v1.1 and ES v2.0 for embedded systems development. The course also presents EGL v1.3 concepts and programming for creating drawing surfaces and initializing contexts. Although the main focus of the class is OpenGL™ for embedded systems it also serves as a great primer for any version of OpenGL™ since ES v1.x was derived from OpenGL™ v1.5 and ES v2.0 was derived from OpenGL™ v2.0. This course is designed for programmers who will be writing graphics applications, demos and test cases with OpenGL™ ES for the embedded environment. The class is intended for both driver and application developers. Developers will benefit from the class by obtaining an in-depth understanding of the OpenGL™ ES API and the OpenGL™ graphics pipeline.

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NVIDIA Releases OpenCL Driver To Developers

NVIDIA has released its OpenCL driver and software development kit (SDK) to developers participating in its OpenCL Early Access Program. NVIDIA is providing this release to solicit early feedback in advance of a beta release which will be made available to all GPU Computing Registered Developers in the coming months.

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OpenGL based MakeHuman 1.0 alpha1 released

MakeHuman(TM) is an OpenGL based, innovative and professional software application for the modelling of 3-Dimensional humanoid characters. Features that make this software unique include a new, highly intuitive GUI and a high quality mesh, optimized to work in subdivision surface mode (for example, Zbrush). MakeHuman is released under an Open Source Licence (GPL3.0) , and is available for Windows and Linux. A Mac OS X version is in the works. Version 1.0 alpha 1 is now ready for download.

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Abyssal Engine RakNet Networking announced

Abyssal Technologies, a provider of Game Development tools today announced the planned integration of the RakNet cross platform C++ game networking engine for its OpenGL based development engine and tools allowing for multiplayer and massively multiplayer game development. Jenkins Software, makers of RakNet, will be developing a multiplayer death match game demo powered by the Abyssal Engine to demonstrate RakNet multiplayer functionality in an online 3D world environment. Abyssal Technologies will be providing the game level for the demo. The RakNet enabled version of the Abyssal Engine is expected to be available within the next few weeks.

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AMD and SolidWorks launch “reset your preconceptions” program for FirePro OpenGL cards

AMD’s new line of FirePro accelerators and OpenGL drivers have undergone significant transformations with regard to quality, price and performance. But there are still some old preconceptions out there. The FirePro team is now working with leading OpenGL 3D CAD vendor - SolidWorks, to send out test workstations with FirePro accelerators to some of their leading community members. No marketing spin, no “official” benchmarks to run, no pre-conditions for use. The users simply try out the card and use it in their own everyday SolidWorks 2009 workflows. Then share their perceptions. Results have started coming in with more coming over the next several months.

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ThreeDify releases two updates for OpenGL Excel add-ons

ThreeDify announces availability of the OpenGL based, highly anticipated ActiveSolid for Microsoft Excel v2.6.8 Beta. ActiveSolid for Microsoft Excel has entered the beta 2 stage for Microsoft Excel. With this release, users can now easily navigate their 3D model in an Excel worksheet, add BOM (bill of material) or LOOP (list of object properties) to the sheet, edit and markup their 3D design in the same way as they do with the standalone ActiveSolid Pro—a significant productivity boost and elimination of communication errors involved in using a separate 3D design package along with MS Office. ThreeDify also announced the release of the OpenGL based AsdGraph3D v1.5.1 Excel Addin. Both executale DLL and the sample Excel file are now digitally signed with a code signing certificate which removed the startup warning. This new release also adds several usability enhancements for better user experience.

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gDEBugger V5.0 Adds OpenGL 3.0 support

The new gDEBugger V5.0 adds support for OpenGL 3.0 and OpenGL’s new deprecation model. A new Deprecated Function Statistics tab was added to the Statistics viewer. This tab displays information about deprecated functions and deprecated behaviors used by the debugged application. This tab also suggests forward-compatible replacements to each deprecated feature. gDEBugger V5.0 also includes gDEBugger for Apple Mac OS X. This new product brings all of gDEBugger’s Debugging and Profiling abilities to the Mac OpenGL developer’s world. gDEBugger, an OpenGL and OpenGL ES debugger and profiler, traces application activity on top of the OpenGL API, lets programmers see what is happening within the graphic system implementation to find bugs and optimize OpenGL application performance. gDEBugger runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems.

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GPU Caps Viewer 1.7.0

GPU Caps Viewer 1.7.0 is available for download. This new version adds NVIDIA CUDA support and databases (video cards and OpenGL extensions) have been updated. GPU Caps Viewer is a graphics card utility for Windows. It quickly describes the essential capabilities of your graphics card including GPU type, amount of VRAM, GPU temperature, OpenGL API support level and extensions as well as NVIDIA CUDA support level. GPU Caps Viewer also offers OpenGL demos using some of the latest features such as geometry instancing.

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NUI framework renders GUIs with OpenGL and GL ES on the iPhone, MacOSX, Win32 and Linux

NUI is a C++ multiplatform application framework built around the idea of hardware accelerated GUI rendering (OpenGL, OpenGL ES and Direct3D). It offers many services to handle platform abstraction like thread, strings, files, paths, timers, etc but GUI is where it really shines: modern layout engine, really many existing widgets, a powerful rendering primitives, animations, a CSS engine and an integrated visual widget debugger, are among its most notable features. NUI is dual licensed under the GPL and a set of commercial options for non free software developers.

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Catalyst Display Driver v8.583 supports OpenGL 3.0 & new extensions on FirePro workstation cards

AMD released the new Catalyst Display Driver v8.583 for their professional FirePro line of workstation graphics accelerators. The driver adds full support for OpenGL 3.0, along with support for the AMD_vertex_shader_tessellator and AMD_GPU_association extensions. OpenGL 3.1 will be fully supported in an upcoming release. The new drivers cover the full range of FirePro cards from the V3700 ($70 street) to the new V7750 with 1GB framebuffer ($827 street) to the high-end V8700 ($1250 street)

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NVIDIA announces new Quadro professional GPU solutions

NVIDIA took professional graphics to a new level with the launch of its intelligent lineup of Quadro professional GPU solutions. It is the industry's most powerful and advanced line of professional graphics solutions supporting OpenGL 3.1 and GLSL 1.40, for both the Windows and Linux platforms. Features and capabilities include: the first and ONLY 4GB graphics cards, up to 240 parallel processing cores; innovative SLI Multi-OS capability; 10-bit gray scaling; SDI support and 30-inch digital display support through DisplayPort and Dual Link DVI connectors.

Spanning from sub-$100 entry-level to $3,500 ultra-high end, this new series includes:

  • NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 - the industry's first and only 4GB, ultra high-end solution delivers the highest visualization performance and capabilities, enabling professionals to work with large-scale models and datasets.
  • NVIDIA Quadro FX 4800 - ultra high-end solution provides professionals with the most complete toolset to dramatically push the boundaries of realism, performance, and quality.
  • NVIDIA Quadro FX 3800 - single slot solution with a robust feature set and added capabilities such as SLI Multi-OS and SDI support to enable a no-compromise, high-performance, interactive visualization experience.
  • NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800 - mid-range solution offers the best price performance for workstation graphics and provides the optimal blend of quality, precision, performance, and programmability.
  • NVIDIA Quadro FX 580 - best-in-class entry-level solution boosts productivity for a variety of industry-leading volume CAD and digital content applications.
  • NVIDIA Quadro FX 380 - an affordable professional-class graphics solution extends energy efficiency while delivering 50-percent faster performance.
  • The Quadro NVS 295 - capable of supporting up to two 30-inch digital displays at maximum resolutions, taking business graphics to a new level visual perfection.

For additional information about the complete lineup of NVIDIA Quadro professional solutions, please visit:

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NeoAxis Game Engine 0.8 - Now with Networking Support

NeoAxis Group Ltd has just released next update of its modern 3D game engine using the Ogre3D for rendering (OpenGL and Direct3D). After many years of development we have crossed the line regarding user experience and providing developers with up to date capabilities to create new and exciting game titles with the power of unique approach looking ahead to a new level of visual game creation tools. NeoAxis Engine is a complete integrated development environment for creating interactive 3D graphics including 3D virtual worlds, AAA games, and realistic simulations. The system comprised of both a real-time 3D engine and a suite of full featured tools.

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