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Khronos posts OpenGL BOF slides from Siggraph 2008

Almost 300 developers and industry leaders gathered to hear the details about OpenGL 3.0.  Feedback was positive - great functionality has been added to the specification and the mechanisms put in place to move the specification forward quickly. In particular, Blizzard’s insights into why OpenGL 3.0 met their commercial needs - and the fact that NVIDIA announced immediate availability of OpenGL 3.0 drivers drew rounds of applause.

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Nick Haemel (AMD) blog post: OpenGL 3.0 - A Big Step in the Right Direction

With the SIGGRAPH OpenGL BOF now past, Nick Haemel from AMD has written a blog post about OpenGL 3 and the reasoning behind the choices made. “After testing an approach that would have a drastic effect on the API, requiring complete OpenGL application rewrites and not introducing any of the long awaited features modern GPUs are capable of OpenGL 3.0 takes two important steps to moving open standard graphics forward in a major way. The first is to provide core and ARB extension access to the new capabilities of hardware. The second is to create a roadmap that allows developers to see what parts of core specifications will be going away in the future, also providing the OpenGL ARB with a way to introduce new features faster.”

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SIGGRAPH 2008 Student Volunteer program blogs on OpenGL-related news - Wed & Thurs

SIGGRAPH 2008 Student Volunteer program working with and have posted thier final blog reports from the SIGGRAPH 2008 Conference and Exhibition.

- CUDA Quadro Plex 2200 D2 does real-time ray tracing
- Whisper quiet OpenGL workstations from AMAX
- DreamColor 30-bit display using Display Port
- OpenGL sessions make big impression

- modo 302 has top notch modeling and unwrapping tools with real-time OpenGL rendering
- XSI’s ICE node-based programing enables visual programming of multi-threaded real-time interactive FX

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NVIDIA SDK 10.5 Updated

NVIDIA has updated their SDK 10.5. This all-new collection of OpenGL and DirectX 10 code samples teaches developers how to make the most of GeForce 8 Series GPUs. The OpenGL and DirectX SDKs include a browser, clear code samples, detailed whitepapers, and videos.

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AsdGraph3D Excel Addin v1.2.1 freeware released!

AsdGraph3D is an OpenGL-based Excel Addin that plots 3D points, lines, line segments, surfaces or water-tight solids directly from user-specified cell ranges within MS Excel worksheets (of one or several open workbooks). Unlike other 3D plotters, AsdGraph3D works seamlessly within Excel, i.e., no flipping back and forth between Excel and a separate, disjoint 3D plotting package. Version 1.2.1 includes both AsdGraph3D Standard (freeware) and AsdGraph3D Professional.

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OpenGL BOF went over well, no pitch forks seen

idr was here has a nice round-up on the OpeGL BOF. The author, Ian Romanick found “contrary to the /. reports, nobody was furious.” One commenter compares the release of OpenGL 3.0 similar to what KDE went through: “it’s a repeat of the business with KDE 4.0. KDE 4.0 was simply the finalization of the libraries and API’s so that application developers could start building their applications against a stable base.” As the dust settles, OpenGL 3.0 is looking a lot stronger than it did on day one.

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SIGGRAPH 2008 Student Volunteer program blogs on OpenGL-related news - Mon & Tues and are working with the SIGGRAPH 2008 Student Volunteer program to give students the opportunity to blog about what they are seeing at the SIGGRAPH 2008 Conference and Exhibition. Below are OpenGL-related summaries from Mon and Tues.

- Stereoscopic 3D (available via Quad Buffering in OpenGL) has a huge presence at the show, particularly stereoscopic 3D for gaming and film / broadcast.
- HP and Dell and Lenovo all announce OpenGL-based 3D mobile workstations.

- Maya 2009 adds a new particle system that doesn’t require writing expressions.  It also has a built-in stereo camera rig.  Stereo 3D support is apparently being added to all Autodesk products.
- Two student took a tour of the AMD booth to check out OpenGL accelerated real-time lighting, the Radeon Froblin demo, and the new FirePro line.

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SPECviewperf 10.1 to measure performance of apps using VBO

The upcoming SPECviewperf 10.1 will add the ability to measure performance for applications incorporating vertex buffer objects (VBOs) and the latest OpenGL shaders. The new SPECapc benchmarks will evaluate performance of Siemens PLM NX5, 3ds Max 2009, Maya 2009, and Lightwave 3D.

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‘Modern OpenGL: Its Design and Evolution’ course at SIGGRAPH Asia 2008

The inaugural SIGGRAPH Asia 2008 conference in Singapore is sponsoring a half-day course on Modern OpenGL on December 13th. A long-time implementer of OpenGL (Mark Kilgard) and the system’s original architect (Kurt Akeley) explain OpenGL’s design and evolution. OpenGL’s state machine is now a complex data flow with multiple programmable stages. In this course, OpenGL practitioners can expect candid design explanations, advice for programming modern GPUs, and insight into OpenGL’s future.

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NVIDIA provides early OpenGL 3.0 driver now

Windows XP and Vista developers can now download a new beta NVIDIA driver for their GeForce 8 series (or higher) GPUs. This driver is aimed at developers to start coding to the new OpenGL 3.0 and GLSL 1.30 features. These features are not enabled by default. They can be enabled using the nvemulate utility, as described here.

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OpenGL 3.0 a solid first step to streamlining

The register has a good followup to the ‘firestorm’ centered around the recent release of OpenGL 3.0. In an interview with Neil Trevett, president of the Khronos Group which heads up OpenGL, shows great promise within a short time period. Trevett personally hopes OpenGL 3.1 can be delivered in six months’ time, as opposed to the two years it took to craft 3.0. In OpenGL 3.0 we have introduced a deprecation mechanism for the first time in OpenGL’s 16-year history. The deprecation mechanism will let OpenGL planners flag up features that’ll be removed from the next version of the 2D and 3D graphics rendering and visualization spec.

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OpenSceneGraph 2.6 Released

OpenSceneGraph Professional Services announces the release of OpenSceneGraph 2.6, the industry’s leading open-source scene graph technology, designed to accelerate application development and improve 3D graphics performance. OpenSceneGraph 2.6 written entirely in Standard C++ and built upon OpenGL, offers developers working in the visual simulation, game development, virtual reality, scientific visualization and modeling markets, a real-time visualization tool that eclipses commercial scene graph toolkits in functionality, stability and performance. OpenSceneGraph 2.6 runs on all Microsoft Windows platforms, Apple OS X, GNU/Linux, IRIX, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX and FreeBSD operating systems. Updates include:
New osgWidget library for scene graph based graphics user interface elements (beta release).
KdTree support, with automatic KdTree generation on load and use of KdTree during line intersections which massively improves intersection speeds.
Precision improvements t!

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The Khronos™ Group announced today it has released the OpenGL® 3.0 specification

new graphic

The Khronos™ Group announced today it has released the OpenGL® 3.0 specification with strong industry support to bring significant new functionality to the open, cross-platform standard for 3D graphics acceleration. OpenGL 3.0 includes GLSL™ 1.30, a new version of the OpenGL shading language, and provides comprehensive access to the functionality of the latest generations of programmable graphics hardware.  The OpenGL working group has also defined a set of OpenGL 3.0 extensions that expose potential new functionality for the next version of OpenGL that is targeted for release in less than 12 months, and a set of extensions for OpenGL 2.1 to enable much of the new OpenGL functionality on older hardware.  Additionally, OpenGL 3.0 introduces an evolutionary model to assist in streamlining the specification and to enable rapid development of the standard to address diverse markets.  Finally, the OpenGL working group has announced that it is working closely with the emerging OpenCL standard to create a revolutionary pairing of compute and graphics programming capabilities.  The new OpenGL 3.0 specifications are freely available at

A thread dedicated to discussing this release has been started here. This thread is a place for people to offer up some constructive criticism of the latest release.

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ATI FirePro V5700 and V3700 OpenGL accelerators set new price/performance standards for CAD and DCC

The new FirePro V5700 features 512MB of frame buffer memory, dual link DVI and DisplayPort, and a true 30-bit display engine. The FirePro V3700 features 256 MB FB memory, two dual-link DVI and costs only $99! Both support OpenGL 2.1 and both are certified for CAD and professional DCC application performance.

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Lightsmark 2008 advances realtime GI

Lightsmark 2008 is multiplatform benchmark with next generation lighting effects - realtime GI, color bleeding, penumbra shadows. 2008 release greatly improves rendering speed and quality (new per-pixel indirect shadows), extends support from Windows to Linux, adds native 64bit versions. Despite effects never seen even in modern games, Lightsmark runs on all OpenGL 2.0 compliant cards. It is licensed under Creative Commons, with front-end source code included.

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