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Owl season is afoot, with OpenGL

Montreal Game developers have put together a fun little game using OpenGL. The game is fully cross platform comptable—Mac OS X and Windows. Simply put, “During GDC this year, a few of us decided that it’d be really fun to pool our talents and make a game together during the conference.”

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Lightfeather 3D v 0.7.0 has been released - now supports GLSL and Cg shaders

The new version of Lightfeather 3D engine, an open source 3D Engine for Mac, Windows and Linux, now supports the use of GLSL and different renderpipelines. The Wx-Renderwindow integration was improved, the scene-loading and saving has been enhanced, particle systems can now have multiple emitters and the guidesigner has been improved.

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GLM 0.7.1 released - based on GLSL specification

GLM is a C++ math library based on GLSL specification and extended to provide math tools required by 3D software. Version 0.7.0 is now released under MIT license with new documentation.

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AMD GPG Developer Tools Group has released an Open Source COLLADA OpenGL FX Viewer

Based on OpenSceneGraph 2.2 the viewer is ideal for rendering COLLADA FX output from RenderMonkey 1.8. As well as including a binary viewer, the release has comprehensive instructions on how to build the viewer using OpenSceneGraph 2.2, and the COLLADA DOM. The project is a useful starting point for developers wanting to support COLLADA OpenGL effect content in their asset pipeline.

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Grome Version 1.2 Released with New Tools and Speed Improvements

Quad Software announced today the release of version 1.2 of Grome modeler. Grome is a terrain and game scene modeling application used by professional game developers and companies from 3D simulation industry. Grome uses OpenGL 2.0 for real-time scene preview by storing geometry in optimized formats (Vertex Buffer Objects) and OpenGL Shading Language for terrain layer shading. Support for OpenGL based OpenSceneGraph engine export is provided out-of-the-box. The 1.2 update include support for automate tasks by scripting and new editing brushes while improving existing tools processing speed. Integration with client developing pipelines and engines was enhanced with new data exporting plug-ins capable of exporting very large data sets.

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myOSX-less, Linux based OpenGL development system updated

myOSX-less, Linux based OpenGL development system without X has been updated, its now initramfs build so it fits in only 64mb RAM disk, it features WebKit based Trolltech’s Qtopia demo browser, statically compiled working on framebuffer, Qtopia Windowing System(QWS) there is also myOSx, X11 based linux, that will base development tools around Trolltech Qtopia so to be able to produce above mentioned WebKit based browser and other framebuffer apps for the original myOS system.

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Eyeshot version 1.3 released

Eyeshot is a 3D Graphics component for the Windows Forms platform based on OpenGL and .NET Framework. With Eyeshot you can easily create a 3D model and change it on the fly while the user interacts with your program user interface. Recent updates include: improved DWG/DXF and IGES support.

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ActiveSolid Freeware v2.6.2 released

ActiveSolid, an OpenGL based 3D modeling, dimensioning and view markup application, adds Fillet and Chamfer tools.

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InstantReality Framework beta4 using OpenGL and X3D released

The instantReality Framework is a VR/AR system which uses a superset of X3D ( from Web3D ) as application description language to ease the development process. It supports a wide number of different devices and clustering utilizing OpenSG and OpenGL for rendering. It supports the full X3D ISO standard, GLSL shader and ECMAScript. External interfaces are available for JAVA and .NET programmers. The whole system is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. beta4 simplifies the cluster setup and brings various improvements to the automatic optimizer of static data and multitouch support for all virtual sensors.

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OpenGL Graphics Through Applications

OpenGL Graphics Through Applications is a practical introduction to Computer Graphics with an emphasis on understanding through practice. Throughout the book, theory is followed by implementation using C / C++ to support student centred learning and complete programs are provided on the publishers website.

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OpenSceneGraph Training offered in Paris France by Skew-Matrix using OpenGL

Bob Kuehne of Blue Newt Software and Paul Martz of Skew Matrix Software are pleased to announce that registration is now open for three OpenSceneGraph (OSG) training courses in Paris, France, April 25-30, 2008. These three courses will provide developers with a complete OSG education. Skew Matrix Software LLC provides 3D graphics services such as software development, developer training, and technical writing and editing. Skew Matrix Software specializes in 3D graphics software development using OpenGL and OpenSceneGraph. You can visit the Khronos Group event page here, or the Skew-Matrix page here.

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Fusion2X Alpha released

Fusion2X is an OpenGL ES-CL 1.0 implementation on top of Trenki’s Software Renderer, written in C++ and mainly targeted for the GP2X console but not limited to it. It’s still an alpha version but nearly all of the useful functionality is present. An attempt to optimize it has also been made but more can still be done as the underlying software renderer performs quite a bit better.

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Aika 0.2 Released

Aika is a simple and powerful Game Engine, written in C++ (without any platform dependence) which you can use on several types of platform (including nintendo ds, symbian, etc). For now Aika uses OpenGL as the main render (because of its ease of use and powerful API) and COLLADA as the main input data file. The main proposal of the engine is to create a portable and easy of use framework to create multimedia content, e.g. games.

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Ca3DE 8.03 3D engine released

The Ca3D-Engine is a modern game engine and game development kit with 3D real-time graphics and multi-player network support for Windows and Linux. It employs pixel- and vertex-shaders for its rendering output, and the included feature fall-back system allows it to work on all versions of OpenGL from 1.2 on upwards. The latest enhancements include support for map scripting (based on the Lua programming language), new clipping and collision detection code, many enhancements to the Ca3DE World Editor ‘CaWE’, much improved in-game console handling and configuration, and many other enhancements.

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