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l’Institut Desgraff de Sherbrooke recently opened its doors offering OpenGL courses

l’Institut Desgraff de Sherbrooke recently opened in Sherbrooke Quebec, offering among other courses 3D OpenGL programming and SoftImage XS training. From their website “The Desgraff institute is a new private learning center in Sherbrooke Quebec Canada. Part of Multi-Media Desgraff, a company specializing in the field of 2D and 3D multi-media computer graphics, such as the development of video games. The institute has the advantage of offering course in the fields in which it specializes itself!”

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JadeWare announces Simple Shader FX 1.0

Easy Script Shader language to put the full power of your GPU into your game engine. Script Shader editor lets you define any numbers of stages ( like layers in Photoshop ), Blending modes, Alpha operations, Textures animation ( BMP/TGA+/JPG/PNG ), Texture Coordinates UV control and Load and Save your scripts. The built in Material editor gives you Ambient, Diffuse, Specular and Shininess, Light illumination and position control and allows you to save and load your materials. Download is free.

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Scenomics December Release of Scenome Light Commercial Platform for evaluation

Scenomics today announces the release of Scenome Light Commercial Platform for evaluation. The new release includes many additional features including constraints, improved terrain generation, and a C++ API. Scenome is built on top of OpenGL, GDAL, and OpenSceneGraph. Downloads of the light commercial platform are free of charge. Developed for entertainment, visualization, and geographic information services, Scenome is the product of 10 years of continuous development. Scenomics is a Minneapolis and Mountain View based developer of software for building complex computer graphics databases.

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Micro PC Talk has posted some benchmarks comparing OpenGL on Vista and XP

An overview of benchmarks has been posted at Micro PC Talk. Some of the benchmarks are showing OpenGL being much slower on Vista than on a comparitive XP machine.

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OpenSceneGraph Reference Manual v2.2 Book Now Available

Blue Newt Software and Skew Matrix Software are pleased to announce the publication and immediate availability of OpenSceneGraph Reference Manual v2.2. Their book documents the current release of the cross-platform OpenGL-based scene graph API. The 640-page book is available as a PDF file or softbound. Bob Kuehne (Blue Newt Software) and Paul Martz (Skew Matrix Software) co-edited the book.

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Irrlicht 1.4 has been released with many major new features

Irrlicht 1.4 has been released for all supported platforms, including OSX. Irrlicht 1.4 includes many major new features: A rewritten unified skeletal animation system with some more sophisticated long awaited features such as manual joint animation; Irrlicht’s own file format: .irrmesh, for static meshes; Mesh writing support: Write collada, .stl and .irrmesh files. Irrlicht now can also read .stl files and be used to convert any file it can read into these file formats; Enhanced Particle System; Improved GUI: Keyboard control support (tab, shift etc), SpinBox; PointSprite support; Improved collada, .obj, .my3d and other loaders; Support for spot lights; Fixed OpenGL RTT flipped display; Per-pixel fog for OpenGL; Cleaned up OpenGL renderstate management; Bug fixes for OpenGL texture handling and predefined shaders. As well, several portability problems have been removed and there have been tons of bug fixes and other feature enhancements.

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Call for Authors: ShaderX7

After the success of ShaderX, the ShaderX2 books, ShaderX3, ShaderX4 (Game developer frontline award), ShaderX5 and soon ShaderX6, we are looking for authors for ShaderX7. The book will cover advanced rendering techniques that run on the DirectX and/or OpenGL run-time with any shader language available. It will include topics on: Geometry Manipulation; Rendering Techniques; Handheld Devices Programming; Effects in Image Space; Shadows; 3D Engine Design; Graphics Related Tools; Environmental Effects. Proposals are due by February 28th, 2008. Please send them to wolf at An example proposal, writing guidelines and a FAQ can be downloaded from

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Remo 3D v1.4 adds support for geometry simplification and shaders

Remo 3D is an OpenGL API-based 3D modeler with OpenFlight support for real-time visualization. The new v1.4 adds a new tool for geometry simplification, new palettes for texture mappings, shaders and light points, as well as support for exporting to the OBJ file format. The full list of new features and improvements can be found in the release notes on our website.

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Project Apricot - power of the open tools and standards

Apricot is another Blender’s Foundation Open Project started after successful ‘Elephants Dream’. This time it’s a game, the Blender ( ) and Crystal Space ( ) communities joining forces to realize an awesome and industry standard 3D game experience! The plan is to have 6 people for 6 months in Amsterdam working full time on a game. The complete game sources and binaries, artwork, tutorials, documentaries will be made available as a download and as a DVD (more on that below). Everything will be published under the Free license so you will be able to use the art work and code in your own game. Both Blender and Crystal Space are powered by OpenGL, thanks to open solutions like this - it works on many platforms. Game will be available for GNU/Linux, Windows, OSX. This project has several goals: * Enhance the game pipeline using open source tools and standards. * Extend Blender to a very useful gamedev tool easily connected to popular 3d engines.

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Devshed tutorial on Working with Colors in OpenGL for Game Programming with SDL

A.P.Rajshekhar has put together a tutorial on about working with colors in OpenGL for game programming SDL. If you are just getting started in OpenGL, this tutorial will get you going in the right direction.

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XNA, DirectX & OpenGL® Fieldguide

An interesting post in has appeared outlining the major differences and pros and cons of OpenGL, DirectX and XNA. XNA is a product based on the Microsoft .NET framework v2.0 and sits on top of Microsoft Direct3D. Because of this, XNA is only suitable for Microsoft Windows platforms and the Microsoft XBox platform.

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Digital Media Professionals have announced new courses covering OpenGL ES and OpenGL SL in 2008

DMP has announced three courses for 2008. In February they are offering a getting started course ‘OpenGL ES Programming’, in March they will offer an advanced ‘OpenGL ES Programming’ course and in April they will offer another getting started course in ‘GLSL Programming’. For more information please visit the Khronos events and courses page.

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NVIDIA posts OpenGL SDK related white papers in one easy to find area

NVIDIA has posted a collection of white papers on OpenGL SDK related topics in one easy to use space on their developers website. A great page to bookmark for future reference.

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MakeHuman: free sw for the modelling of 3D characters

MakeHuman is a completely free OpenGL based innovative and professional software for the modelling of 3D characters. Using MakeHuman, a photorealistic character can be modeled in less then 2 minutes; it’s released under Open Source GPL Licence. Version 0.9.1 Release Candidate 1 is finally ready to download. Linux and OSX versions will be available shortly.

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