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visage|Demo uses the OpenGL API to showcase on-the-fly lip sync and visual text-to-speech

The visage|SDK offers the Visage Technologies character animation solutions in an easy-to-use, fully documented SDK. visage|Demo is an interactive, real time character animation demo using the OpenGL API, including real time lip sync and visual text-to-speech. Further features of the visage platform includes facial animation editing, 3ds max plug-in and automatic morph-target cloning. There is a free evaluation version of the SDK, documentation, and interactive samples.

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Ubuntu 6.10 with XGL and Kiba-Dock for OpenGL API-accelerated Linux interfaces

XGL is a 3D-fortified X Server architecture layered on top of the OpenGL API.  Kiba-Dock is a Linux XGL dock with physics support. This video shows the combination in action on Ubuntu Linux (using the Glitz image compositing library) for some interesting effects.

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SmartCAM V14.0 adds OpenGL API rendering

SmartCAM computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software provides CNC manufacturing solutions for milling, turning, fabrication, and wire EDM applications. The new v14.0 adds the ACIS 3D modeling kernel and OpenGL API-based rendering of solids with transparency, integrated dynamic viewing of the model, shaded-surface picking, and overall improved graphics performance.

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Flux Studio 2.0 for web 3d authoring uses the OpenGL API for rendering

Flux Studio is a powerful 3D modeling and animation application for professionals and beginners alike optimized to create 3D content for delivery in a standard Web browser using open Internet standards. It uses the OpenGL APi for rendering, and supports the entire X3D standard, including advanced X3D features, such as Prototypes and Scripts.

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OpenGL SDK now online

This is not a traditional SDK in the sense that it doesn’t arrive on CD-ROM, and it isn’t one monolithic download. Instead, it is a gathering of 3rd party contributions from many of the leaders in the community. In some cases the information and downloads are available directly from the SDK on In other cases, you’ll find links to the original materials elsewhere on the web. In all cases, the contributions have been hand selected and represent the best of what’s out there. New contributions will come online often, so check back frequently.

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OpenGL Pipeline Newsletter Vol 3 covers Long Peak, the SDK, Vista and more

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The third edition of OpenGL Pipeline, the quarterly newsletter covering all things the OpenGL standards body has “in the pipeline”, covers a bunch of exciting news and tips: from updates about OpenGL “Longs Peak”  to a first glimpse of the new OpenGL 2.1 SDK to OpenGL running on Vista.

Topics in this issue include:

  • Climbing OpenGL Longs Peak – An OpenGL ARB Progress Update
  • Polygons In Your Pocket: Introducing OpenGL ES
  • A First Glimpse at the OpenGL SDK
  • Using the Longs Peak Object Model
  • ARB Next Gen TSG Update
  • GLSL: Center or Centroid? (Or When Shaders Attack!)
  • OpenGL and Windows Vista
  • Optimize Your Application Performance

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AMD releases Catalyst driver v7.2 for enhanced speed of OpenGL applications under Vista

The highlight of the new v7.2 Catalyst drivers is the improved speed of OpenGL API-based applications under Vista. ” Gains of up to 25% in Doom 3, 48% in Quake 4 and 21% in Prey can be seen on a variety of ATI Radeon™ X1000 cards.”

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Java 2D taking advantage of OpenGL API shaders

This message board discussion describes how OpenGL fragment shaders are used to accelerate Java 2D operations (e.g. LCD-optimized text on the GPU, ConvolveOp, RescaleOp, and LookupOp on the GPU). Additional accelerated classes will appear in the next public JDK.

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XSystem Engine open source game engine uses OpenGL 2.0 for rendering and effects

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XSystem Engine is a powerful open source game engine based on OpenGL 2.0 and supports many effects including parallax mapping, bump and specular, HDR blooming, water with refraction, reflections and fresnel term. It has an up-to-date physics, sound system, exporter plugins and documentation.

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Tribal Trouble v1.7 OpenGL API-based real-time strategy game enhances landscape rendering

Tribal Trouble is a real-time strategy game designed to be easy to grasp, yet difficult to master. It offers OpenGL API-based 3D maps with lots of adjustable parameters.  The new v1.7 enhances landscape rendering, improves movements and adds fog support. Available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

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GPU Caps Viewer v1.0.0 OpenGL API graphics utility

GPU Caps Viewer is an OpenGL API graphics utility that quickly describes the essential capabilities of your graphics card / GPU (you can generate a TXT or XML report)  including GPU type, VRAM, OpenGL API support level, OpenGL API extensions supported, general system configuration, as well as offering links related to your graphics card (graphics drivers and reviews). The GPU-burner cabability makes the GPU temperature climb in order to test the graphics card stability. (you can open several 3D views that render an OpenGL Shading Language toon-shaded object).

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How to create a bloom effect using OpenGL 2.0

This tutorial uses OpenGL 2.0 and shows how to use framebuffer objects to achieve a bloom effect.  (A bloom effect spreads out a light source so it brightens an image and gives it a “hazy” look ). A two-pass Gaussian filter is implemented. It also explains how to exploit hardware filtering to reduce the number of texture lookups.

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Nouveau project to develop open source OpenGL API acceleration for NVIDIA cards

Nouveau is a project devoted to creating OpenGL API 3D drivers for NVIDIA graphics cards that can be used on OSs not supported by NVIDIA.  It is made of 3 components : DDX (2D driver), DRI (3D driver) and DRM (kernel component).

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osgHaptics v.03 adds support for multiple haptic devices into OpenGL API-based OpenSceneGraph

The OpenSceneGraph Haptic Library (osgHaptics) is a module that supports haptic (force) rendering inside the OpenGL API-based OpenSceneGraph (a versatile OpenGL based scene graph written in C++ for real-time 3D rendering including support for many various 3D/image formats.) The new v0.3 adds support for multiple haptic devices and is updated for OpenSceneGraph 1.2.

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Updated OpenGL Extension specifications from NVIDIA

NVIDIA updated its collection of OpenGL extension specifications. These updates include an unabridged PDF collecting all NVIDIA-supported OpenGL extensions (2,097 pages) and an abridged version (462 pages) with only the newest OpenGL extensions for the latest GeForce 8 functionality.  These new extensions for GeForce 8800 expose geometry shaders; constant buffers; texture arrays; new compressed, integer, and packed texture formats; transform feedback to stream out vertices into buffers; shadow cube maps; programmable integer instructions; and more.

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