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OpenCity V0.0.4 OpenGL API-based 3D city simulator project adds support for building roads, electric lines, electric plants and trees

Oct 31, 2006 | Categories: Applications | Comments

OpenCity is a 3D city simulator project (nothing like SimCity) based on the OpenGL API and SDL.  You can build residential, commercial and industrial zones then supply them with necessary goods and watch them grow up. OpenCity is also a OpenGL API game programming tutorial. In the resources section, you can find the micro simulators’ algorithm, design document, UML diagram and information about other issues. The new v0.0.4 includes a multi-platform save format and auto package for Linux and lets you build roads, electric lines, electric plants, trees, and the three standard RCI zones.

OpenVRML v0.16.1 cross-platform VRML and X3D browser, OpenGL API -based renderer and C++ runtime library enhance Mozilla plugin

Oct 31, 2006 | Categories: Developers | Comments

OpenVRML is a VRML and X3D browser plug-in and C++ toolkit for incorporating VRML support into applications. It provides VRML97 and Classic VRML X3D parsers, a runtime, and an OpenGL API-based harenderer as C++ libraries. The new v0.16.1 modifies the Mozilla plug-in backend to be openvrml-gtkplug, a reusable out-of-process GTK+ VRML browser component, and supports text rendering nodes under Windows.

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard will support OpenGL 2.1 and enhanced performance

Oct 27, 2006 | Categories: General | Comments

new graphic

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard will support OpenGL 2.1 which adds pixel buffer objects, color managed texture images in the sRGB color space, and improvements in the shader programming API. Leopard will also provide a dramatic increase in OpenGL performance by offloading CPU-based processing onto another thread which can then run on a separate CPU core feeding the GPU. This can increase, or in some cases, even double the performance of OpenGL-based applications.

Drishti volume exploration and presentation tool using OpenGL Shading Language shaders and 3D textures

Oct 27, 2006 | Categories: Applications | Comments

Drishti is designed to let you explore volumetric datasets as well as use them in presentations. The software employs direct volume rendering approach using OpenGL Shading Language shaders and 3D textures available on modern GPUs for exploring scalar and vector volumetric data. 2D transfer functions are used for classification of scalar volumes. Users can create and animate streamlines for vector volumes.  Source code is available.

Remo 3D v1.2 OpenGL API-based modeler enhances performance and import capabilities

Oct 26, 2006 | Categories: Applications | Comments

Remo 3D is an OpenGL API-based 3D modeler with support for OpenFlight format, for real-time visualization. The new v1.2 adds improved rendering performance and import functionality for many file formats including 3ds, COLLADA, dxf, osg, obj, shp.

BuGLe OpenGL API debugger adds support for NVPerfSDK under Linux

Oct 26, 2006 | Categories: Developers | Comments

BuGLe, an open-source OpenGL API debugger for UNIX systems, has revamped its statistics display and added support for NVPerkSDK. This allows NVIDIA GPU performance counters to be graphed under Linux, similar to NVPerfHUD under Windows.

New book teaches Real-Time Volume Graphics using the OpenGL API

Oct 26, 2006 | Categories: Developers | Comments

Based on course notes of the SIGGRAPH course ‘Real-Time Volume Graphics’ this book teaches techniques for real-time rendering of volumetric data and effects using the OpenGL API. The book covers both applications in scientific visualization and real-time rendering. It starts with the basics (texture slicing and texture-based ray casting) and then improves and expands the algorithms incrementally. The book is full-color throughout and includes source code, algorithms, diagrams, and rendered graphics.

NVPerfKit v2.1 debugging and profiling for OpenGL API applications adds Linux support

Oct 20, 2006 | Categories: Developers | Comments

new graphic

NVPerfKit is a comprehensive suite of performance tools for debugging and profiling OpenGL API software applications. It gives you access to low-level performance counters inside the driver and hardware counters inside the GPU itself. The counters can be used to determine exactly how your application is using the GPU, identify performance issues, and confirm that performance problems have been resolved.  The new v2.1 adds support for Release 90 driver support; 32-bit and 64-bit Linux support (NVPerfSDK only); 64-bit Windows support ; Improved features in NVPerfHUD (including ‘take screenshot’ [F10]) ;  Improved installer with automatic driver removal and installation.

libMILO library for loading images as OpenGL textures

Oct 20, 2006 | Categories: Developers | Comments

libMILO is a free minimal image loading library written in C. The library is capable of loading TGA and DDS files. It provides also a general purpose API for loading images as OpenGL textures.

SDL.NET v5 .NET bindings to SDL and OpenGL API-based 3D acceleration adds support for .NET 2.0

Oct 19, 2006 | Categories: Developers | Comments

SDL.NET is a set of object-oriented CLS-compliant .NET bindings (and Mono) for the SDL multimedia library that provides high-level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, TrueType fonts, various image formats, sound mixing, MPEG-1 movies, 2D video framebuffer and 3D hardware via the OpenGL API. The new v5 includes .NET 2.0 support.

powerPlant OpenGL API-based algorithmic 3D model generator

Oct 19, 2006 | Categories: Applications | Comments

powerPlant is an OpenGL API-based project that features algorithmic 3D model generation (especially plants and terrain), scene composition, texture generation, interactive visualization, L-Systems, Turtle-Interpretation, and a Diamond-Square algorithm.

HardwareInfos v1.5.0 OpenGL API capabilities viewer

Oct 19, 2006 | Categories: Processors | Comments

HardwareInfos is a small Windows tool that provides information regarding the OpenGL API capabilities of the graphics controller (such as the number of fixed and programmable texture units or the number of fsaa samples for example). It is also useful to check the support of a specific OpenGL extension and allows to export all information to a XML file.

OpenGL API-based shader tutorial to simulate LED displays

Oct 18, 2006 | Categories: Developers | Comments

This tutorials shows how to achive the pixelated effect commonly seen in led displays. The tutorial explores in depth how to achieve each of the features of these low res displays using OpenGL API-based shaders.  Full source code is made available.

OpenSG scenegraph v1.8 with support for the OpenGL Shading Language adds ShadowMap-based shadowing algorithms

Oct 18, 2006 | Categories: Developers | Comments

OpenSG is a scenegraph system for realtime rendering with support for the OpenGL Shading Language.  Th new v1.8 alpha include most current ShadowMap-based shadowing algorithms, including hard as well as soft shadow versions. The soft shadows use different filters, leading to different quality/performance tradeoffs. Adding shadow mapping to existing OpenSG applications requires about 15 lines of code.

Wirecast 3 OpenGL API-based webcasting software supports HDV

Oct 18, 2006 | Categories:  Comments

Wirecast is a Windows and Mac OS X live webcasting application that uses the OpenGL API for transitions and effects in real-time. The new Wirecast 3 adds support for HDV cams, GPU accelerated real-time green and blue screen (i.e chroma key), and enhanced streaming server support.

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