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It’s Official:  OpenGL ARB votes to transfer control of the OpenGL API standard to the Khronos Group

The OpenGL ARB (Architecture Review Board), the governing body for OpenGL, has voted to transfer control of the OpenGL API standard to the Khronos Group. The Khronos Group has voted to establish an OpenGL Working Group that will control and evolve this vital standard for cross-platform 3D graphics. The full transfer of OpenGL to Khronos is expected to be completed in the third quarter of 2006 with full support for OpenGL and its evolution to continue uninterrupted during this transition.

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3D GIS Source Code solution now available for games and VR

In addition to 3D GIS applications,  the new release of gViewTek’s 3D Query & Interactive Design for GIS Source Code product has been extended to provide solutions for forest engineering, 3D real-time games, and Virtual Reality (VR) applications.

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OpenGL book in Portuguese

The comprehensive 486-page book, written in Portuguese, provides a solid introduction to OpenGL programming, aimed especially to the educational market. The book covers: installation and configuration of OpenGL libraries on Windows and Linux, GLUT basics, 2D and 3D modelling, geometric transformations, animation techniques, lighting, transparency effects, texture mapping, optimization techniques, selection/feedback mode, using OpenGL with C++, Java and Python, and a brief introduction to OpenGL Shading Language.

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SPACE WARS 3D OpenGL API-based screensaver for Windows and Mac OS X

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Like a scene from your favourite sci-fi movie, watch fleets of space ships wage war among the stars in extra nifty real-time OpenGL API-based 3D! Features Include: - Outstanding graphics and space ship models, remember, it’s only a screen saver, not a movie or game! - Ships chase down their enemies and protect their comrades. - When ships explode, debris flies off in all directions creating a fantastic intergalactic fireworks display! - Amazing background scenes each of which is truly a work of art. - Ships are lit by the local suns in the background, with different colours and intensity of light. - New ships and backgrounds can be downloaded and installed into the full version with ease. - Already loads of new ships available for the full version, with many more on the way. - Optional background music.

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Movimento video-based motion capture solution using the OpenGL API

At Siggraph, Realviz will show Movimento, a video-based motion capture solution that can capture the motion of any non-rigid object from multiple image sequence as well as support for facial, hand, arm, and full-body captures.  It requires a minimum of two cameras, moving or fixed, at any frame rate. It requires OpenGL API-based hardware acceleration

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gDEBugger v2.5 adds beta OpenGL ES version and new step commands so you can watch the scene as it is rendered

gDEBugger is a powerful OpenGL and OpenGL ES debugger and profiler that traces application activity on top of the OpenGL API to provide the necessary information to find bugs and to optimize application rendering performance. The new v2.5 contains the first public gDEBugger ES beta version, bringing all of gDEBugger’s debugging and profiling abilities to the OpenGL ES developer’s world. In addition gDEBugger ES acts as an emulator for OpenGL ES when working on Windows PC while using its own OpenGL ES implementation. (to test follow the steps at  V2.5 also introduces a “Draw Step” command that allows the user to step between OpenGL draw commands with a single button click. Together with the new “Interactive Break” ability it enables the developer to watch the scene as it is being rendered.

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OpenGL API-based 3D laser scanning application source code for sale

Archaeoptics Ltd. is selling the source code for their OpenGL API-based 3D laser scanning applications. This includes the three applications (Demon3D, Vast and ScanConvert) plus all supporting library code and exclusive worldwide rights to the source code and intellectual property. The source code is written completely in modular and portable C++ using wxWidgets and the OpenGL API and compiles and deploys on Windows, MacOS X and other UNIX-based systems. Demon3D is a visualisation and ‘deliverable extractor’ enabling you to manage massive point cloud, triangle mesh and DTM datasets. Demon3D also supports generation of orthoimages/scale drawings!

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Cheetah 3D modeler v3.4 accelerates OpenGL API-based previews

Cheetah3D 3.4 is a 3D modeler, renderer, and animation suite designed for Mac OS X. The new v4.3 adds animating objects along spline paths, lock parameters, automatically point objects to other objects,  drag-and-drop support for transformation actions, and seriously accelerated OpenGL API-based previews.

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OpenGL gDEBugger license free for academic users

The OpenGL ARB and Graphic Remedy have crafted an Academic Program to make the full featured gDEBugger OpenGL debug toolkit available free for one year to any OpenGL developer who is able to confirm they are in academia. There are also a limited number of free licenses available for non-commercial developers who are not in academia. gDEBugger is a powerful OpenGL and OpenGL ES debugger and profiler that traces application activity on top of the OpenGL API to provide the necessary information to find bugs and to optimize application rendering performance.

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OpenGL Pipeline Newsletter - what’s happening with the ARB and OpenGL 2.1

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The first edition of OpenGL Pipeline, the quarterly newsletter covering all things the OpenGL standards body has “in the pipeline”, covers many important issues: from what the OpenGL ARB has been up to, and plans to do, to updates from various working groups and the intended merger with Khronos.

Topics in this issue include:

  • A Message From the ARB Secretary
  • A Welcome Message from the Ecosystem Working Group
  • Free OpenGL Debug Tools for Academic Users
  • Superbuffers Working Group Update
  • New Texture Functions with Awkward Names to Avoid Ugly Artifacts
  • Improved synchronization across GPUs and CPUs - No more glFinish!

For in-person updates visit the SIGGRAPH OpenGL BOF Wednesday 2 August, 4pm-6pm - Room 206A

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OpenSceneGraph v1.1 adds peformance improvements, full OpenGL Shading Language support and new format loaders

OpenSceneGraph is an open-source graphics library with OpenGL 2.0 and OpenGL Shading Language support. The new v1.1 adds improved support for multi-threaded, multi-pipe applications, support for OpenGL Shading Language uniform arrays, new precipitation particle effects that leverage the OpenGL Shading Language to provide high performance and high image quality rendering of rain and snow effects, an OpenFlight v16.1 loader with OpenGL Shading Language support, new TerraPage 2.2 and Quake3 loaders,  outline and drop shadow support for osgText, and more. Available on all Microsoft Windows platforms, Apple OS/X, GNU/Linux, IRIX, Solaris and FreeBSD operating systems.

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Shattered v0.3.3 3D game library built in Ruby on top of OpenGL API-accelerated Ogre 3D engine

Shattered is a 3D game development framework created in Ruby built on top of of OpenGL API-accelerated Ogre scene-oriented,  3D engine. Originally inspired by Ruby on Rails, Shattered aims to do for game development what Rails has done for web development - make it simple.

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VRMesh v3.0 OpenGL API-based free-form mesh modeler enhances speed and adds features

VRMesh is a free-form OpenGL API-based 3d mesh modeler for arbitrary triangle mesh creating and processing. The new v3.0 significantly enahcnes speed and adds stereo viewing, surface curves, new clay modeling commands, new transformations, and over 30 features for modifying models.

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OpenGL ARB and Khronos to announce merger at SIGGRAPH

At the upcoming Siggraph conference in Boston, the Khronos Group and OpenGL ARB plan to announce merger of the two groups. The union between the Khronos Group and the OpenGL ARB may come as little surprise to the people who know both organizations. There is considerable synergy already at work. With both groups operating within the same standards organization their roles can be more closely coordinated giving the OpenGL ARB the opportunity to pursue advanced graphics capabilities that are being used in AEC, digital content creation, visual simulation, and scientific visualization (as well as high-end games) and OpenGL ES, the ability to distill OpenGL down to its essentials for mass-market and consumer applications - both APIs building on a common architectural foundation.

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OpenGL and related technologies at SIGGRAPH 2006

Interconnect with other OpenGL developers and with representatives from the OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and other Khronos working groups at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

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