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G3D open source 3D engine v6.09 supports OpenGL Shading Language texture dimensions

G3D is a free, Open Source C++ library that provides a set of routines and structures that are needed to jumpstart your own engine or graphics project.  The library has two parts: G3D for pure math and GLG3D for interacting with hardware acceleration via the OpenGL API. Programmable hardware is supported via the OpenGL Shading Language, OpenGL ARB assembly, NVIDIA assembly, and Cg specifications. The new v6.09 enhances rendering performance, supports OpenGL Shading Language texture dimensions , support Mesa3D softwrae rendering, and adds a “World of Warcraft”-style camera controller

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Impact CAD/finite element suite adds OpenGL API bindings for hardware acceleration

Impact is a complete CAD/finite element suite which simulates dynamic events, often involving large deformations or high velocities. Simulations are made on a virtual 3D model which can be created with a pre-processor. The latest release uses JoGL to provide OpenGL API bindings on Windows, Linux and OS X (additional platforms are supported by extensions). The OpenGL API support allows models larger than 50,000 elements to be comfortably edited and provides a significant step in graphics performance. Impact is written in Java and is released as Open Source.

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Motorboat fury racing game use the OpenGL Shading Language for visual FX

Motorboat fury is a simple racing game using the OpenGL API for rendering and OpenAL for audio. It uses the OpenGL Shading Language for per-pixel lighting, animated sky, realistic water and HDR rendering. Join the testing team, play the game and help improving it’s quality.

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GLee v5.2 OpenGL API extension loading library adds support for Mac OS X

GLee (GL Easy Extension library) is a free cross-platform extension loading library for OpenGL. It provides seamless support for 340 OpenGL extensions and the complete OpenGL 2.0 feature set, automatically linking extension and core functions as they are used.  The new v.5.2 adds support for Mac OS X (in addition to Windows, Linux, FreeBSD )

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SDL.NET v4.0.4 .Net binding to SDL library adds 2D drawing to OpenGL windows

SDL.NET is a set of object-oriented CLS-compliant .NET bindings for the SDL library and provides high-level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, TrueType fonts, various image formats, sound mixing, MPEG-1 movies, 2D video framebuffer and 3D hardware via the OpenGL API. It is compatible with both .NET and Mono runtimes. The new v4.04 uses the latest SDL library (1.2.10), can now use the current desktop resolution to create VideoModes, adds SdlDotNet.OpenGl for drawing 2D surfaces to an OpenGL window, and adds as OpenGL font demo.

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modo 3D 201 polygonal and subdivision modeler adds mesh paint and enhanced OpenGL API-based renderer

modo 201 offers polygonal and subdivision surface 3D modeling, painting and rendering in a single integrated and OpenGL API accelerated platform for Windows and Mac OS X.  The new release adds mesh painting; a Solid Sketch tool fore creating branched base meshes, round bevel controls and faster sculpting; smooth UV interpolating; and a new OpenGL API based new rendering engine that supports global illumination and physically-based shading techniques, subsurface scattering, anisotropic blurry reflections and micropolygon displacement.

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Videator v1.0 video application uses the OpenGL API for real-time 3D FX and transitions

Videator v1.0 is a movie-making and video processing application for Mac OS X, that lets you quickly make movies with all sorts of effects from live video or existing movies. Videator gives users access OpenGL API-accelerated Core Image technologies to offer to over 108 effects, transitions, and filters so you can layer movies, images, paint, music and text over video, as well as apply, modify, and re-order multiple effects. Movies can then be saved as QuickTime or iPod, and images as iTIFF or JPEG files

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Remo 3D v1.1 OpenGL API/OpenSceneGraph-based modeler enhances performance

Remo 3D lets you create and modify 3D models for real-time visualization. It uses OpenScenGraph and the OpenGL API for rendering and supports the OpenFlight file format. It gives the user full control of the model scene graph including degree-of-freedom nodes, level-of-detail nodes, switch nodes, etc. Available for Win32 and Linux. The new v1.1 adds better texture mapping, speed enhancements, and drag and drop of OpenFlight files.

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AC3D v6.0 real-time 3D modeler adds subdivision surface modeler and faster OpenGL API-based editing

AC3D is a modeler that can be used to create 3D models for everything from games to VR and flight simulators, scientific and medical data visualization and 3D design prototyping. The new v6.0 adds a fully integrated subdivision surface modeler (smooth 3D shapes can be described using simple underlying polygon objects), faster real-time OpenGL API-based 3D editing, a new user interface, the ability to extrude objects along path, view inspect mode, easier 3D positioning and better selection capabilities.

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ALT Software OpenGL drivers for the Freescale Media5200 telematics systems

ALT Software has developed OpenGL drivers for the Freescale Media5200 telematics (automotive navigation and entertainment) systems. End-users may soon be enjoying navigation mapping systems that include 3D renderings of landmarks and prominent buildings as reference points, or changeable “skins” for stereo interfaces to satisfy their different tastes. ALT’s OpenGL API-based display software, for example, enables a person to view a navigation map and have a video window open automatically to provide live video feeds from cameras positioned outside a vehicle. Features such as alpha-blending can also allow real-time data, such as incoming phone calls, to “pop-up” on the screen in a translucent window that does not obstruct the driver’s view of the navigation map.

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SDL v1.2.10 OpenGL API and video support and performance

Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via the OpenGL API, and 2D video framebuffer. This new major release adds many API fixes including enahnced OpenGL API-based hardware acceleration, update of SDL_opengl.h with the latest glext.h, X11 libraries dynamic run-time loading and many many more features.

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ovPlanet planetary terrain renderer renders high detail textures using the OpenGL Shading Language

ovPlanet is aan icosahedron based real-time planetary terrain triangulator utilizing recursive subdivision of equilateral triangles. Subdivision is determined by several impact factors including screen-space area, normal deviation and triangle area. The OpenGL API-based rendering uses the OpenGL Shading Language for high detail texturing.

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dimension3 open source game development application with support for the OpenGL Shading Language

dimension3 is open source game development application for Mac OS X with a runtime engine for WIndows XP, Mac OS X and Linux. It uses the OpenGL API and the OpenGL Shading Language for a complete dynamic lighting system, real-time volume-based shadows, and per-pixel effects. It also supports scripting, time-based effects using a particle engine, networking, vehicles, cameras and more.

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Jahshaka 2.0 RC3 cross platform suite of high end post production using the OpenGL and OpenML APIs

new graphic

Jahshaka is an open source real-time editing and effects system using the OpenGL and OpenML APIs. It includes real-time 3d compositing & animation ( up to 32k matte layers), editing (in DV, SD, HD and even film), real time image processing with node based effects, OpenGL API-based painting and a text module. There are also individual modules for color correction, keying, tracking and a full array of media support from DivX up to 4k and more! The new v2.0 RC3 adds the Windows editor and encoder.  Available for Windows, Linux (all flavours) and OSX OSX (intel and PPC) and includes the JahPlayer 2.0.

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breve Simulation Environment v2.4 enhances genetic and evolutionary algorithms

breve is an open-source OpenGL API-based 3D software simulation package for multi-agent systems, robotics and artificial intelligence research. The new v2.4 features a Universal Intel/PPC for Mac OS X; improved support for genetic algorithms and evolutionary computation; faster, more robust memory management and garbage collection; and more! Features include: - rich OpenGL API-based display engine, 3D articulated body physical simulation, collision detection and response , easy-to-use integrated scripting language, xtensible plugin architecture , built-in support for the Push programming language for evolutionary computation. Available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

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