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OpenGL API-based Croquet 3D collaborative visualization system SDK 1.0 Beta

Apr 27, 2006 | Categories: Developers | Comments

The Croquet project is an effort to develop a new open source computer operating system built from the ground up to enable deep collaboration between teams of us. It enables this communication by acting as the equivalent of a broadband conferencing system built on top of a 3D user interface and a peer-to-peer network architecture. It uses an OpenGL API-based graphics engine and a semi-retained graphical engine pipeline with dynamically composeable objects,. Software developers can make direct calls to the OpenGL library making it possible to extend the rendering engine in virtually unlimited ways. The open source SDK 1.0 Beta allows experienced software developers to work with this first complete release of Croquet.

Xith3D scenegraph-based 3D programming API v.0.7 supports OpenGL Java JSR-231 bindings

Apr 27, 2006 | Categories: Developers | Comments

Xith3D is scenegraph-based 3D programming API written in pure Java focused on game creation. The class node definitions of the scenegraph is virtually identical to the Java3D, although it is not intended to be an exact replacement. It is an Open-Source project with a reference implementation using the JOGL Java bindings for the OpenGL API. The new v0.7 switches to Java 1.5 syntax, enhances picking and includes the JSR-231 renderer.

Proposed final draft of JSR 231 Java Bindings for OpenGL

Apr 27, 2006 | Categories: Developers | Comments

new graphic

The proposed final draft of JSR 231 Java Bindings for OpenGL is available for download and review. The package contains Java bindings for all core OpenGL methods through version 2.0, inclusive, as well as most OpenGL extensions defined at the time of this specification. Early OpenGL extensions whose functionality was incorporated into core OpenGL by version 1.3, inclusive, are specifically excluded. Bindings for all core GLU APIs have been included with the exception of the GLU NURBS APIs.

Google release free OpenGL API-based SketchUp

Apr 27, 2006 | Categories: Applications | Comments

Google has released a free version of the popular OpenGL-API based SketchUp 3D CAD program Google acquired last month.  It is an easy-to-learn 3D modeling program that enables you to explore the world in 3D. Sketchup in combination with the new 3D Warehouse repository,  is intended to be used to create new geo-referenced content for the OpenGL API-accelerated Google Earth,  as well as non-location based 3D content, such as products or artwork.  Once you’ve built models in Sketchup, you can place them in Google Earth, post them to the 3D Warehouse, or print hard copies. Expect the new triad of Google Earth, Google SketchUp and 3D Warehouse to quickly become the center of wide variety of public-participation projects and marketing campaigns.

Flexion OpenGL 2.0 API-based 3D graphics engine demo of omnidirectional variance shadow mapping

Apr 27, 2006 | Categories: Developers | Comments

Variance Shadow Maps (VSM) is a new arbitrarily filterable soft-shadowing algorithm first introduced at I3D 2006.  Flexion Engine, an OpenGL 2.0 API-based 3D graphics engine, offers a VSM demo for omnidirectional light sources using cube maps, namely Omnidirectional Variance Shadow Mapping (OVSM). It also shows Percentage-Closer Filtering (PCF) in order to compare quality and performance against the VSM.

X-Win32 PC X-server performance jump for OpenGL API-accelerated remote applications on Core Duo iMac

Apr 26, 2006 | Categories: Applications | Comments

X-Win32 is a PC X server that lets you connect to multiple UNIX/Linux desktops at the same time and also run some X Windows applications in separate Xterm windows. V7.1 supports OpenGL API-based hardware acceleration and adds suppport for 55 additional OpenGL extensions. OpenGL API-based X Windows applications running on a remote Red Hat Linux server showed frame rate improvements of up to four times on a 2GHz Core Duo iMac using Boot Camp, compared to a Windows PC running with a 2GHz Pentium processor.

Next generation of ATI FireGL OpenGL 2.0 workstation graphics accelerators

Apr 25, 2006 | Categories: Processors | Comments

ATi announced a complete top-to-bottom line of next generation FireGL workstation graphics accelerators for professional users. The new family of products range from an ultra high-end one gigabyte configuration to 128MB model, and are all based on ATI’s scalable, ultrathreaded architecture with Avivo video and display technology. The new line offers cross-platform support, including Windows Vista, and is optimized for applications based on OpenGL 2.0.

Avid Media Composer software only version using OpenGL API-accelerated workstations

Apr 25, 2006 | Categories: Applications | Comments

Avid Media Composer is now a software-only application for film and video editing on Mac and Windows. Using OpenGL API-based hardware acceleration (NVIDIA Quadro, GeForce or ATI Radeon) it offer real-time HD, SD and DV performance, including real-time customizable 3D effects, moving mattes, full-motion alpha keying, pan & zoom from stills, 2D and 3D titling, and more. New features in this release include Motion Tracking and Stabilization, full-screen video output over DVI, and HD editing for Mac OS X.  SDI hardware versions of Media Composer are also available.

AFITT graphical tool for building macromolecules using the OpenGL API

Apr 25, 2006 | Categories: Applications | Comments

new graphic

AFITT is a new graphical tool for building macromolecules and refining crystallography structures.  It is based on the VIDA 2.0 core and uses OpenGL for rendering molecular graphics functionalities with publication quality images. In addition to the common protein and small molecule views (2D and 3D, surfaces, CPK, ball and stick) there are: electron density representations with real-time resurfacing, backbone and protein topology representations, blobs, and symmetry related molecules.

VIDA 2.0 molecular visualizer offers OpenGL API-based hardware stereo support

Apr 25, 2006 | Categories: Applications | Comments

VIDA is an OpenGL API-based graphical interface designed to visualize, manage and manipulate large sets of molecular information. Built-in chemoinformatics, advanced list manager, spreadsheet and 3D graphing capabilities make it possible to work in real time on corporate collections of a million structures. The v2.0 supports all standard visualization paradigms, including 2D /3D depiction, both hardware and software 3D stereo, surface selection and manipulation, and many other unique facilities.

Motorboats racing game uses the OpenGL Shading Language for realistic water effects

Apr 25, 2006 | Categories: Applications | Comments

Motorboats is a simple racing game currently in development. It uses the OpenGL Shading Language, supporting shader model 2.0 and 3.0 features to achieve realistic water effects.

Enigmo 2 OpenGL API-based 3D puzzle game for Mac OS X

Apr 25, 2006 | Categories: Applications | Comments

Enigmo 2 is an OpenGL API-based 3D puzzle game for Mac OS X where you construct mechanisms to direct lasers, plasma, and water to toggle switches, deactivate force-fields, and eventually get them to their final destination.

FakeNES v0.5.7 open source NES emulator adds support for the OpenGL API

Apr 25, 2006 | Categories: Applications | Comments

FakeNES is a free, portable, open source NES (Nintendo) emulator. The codebase consists purely of C language code modelled around the platform abstraction layer provided by the Allegro library. The new v0.5.7 adds support for the OpenGL API in the GUI.

ActiveSolid v1.6.3 OpenGL API-based embedded 3D solid modeler adds Extrude Path tool

Apr 24, 2006 | Categories: Applications | Comments

ActiveSolid is an OpenGL API-based 3D solid modeling, prototyping, and view mark-up application and ActiveX control. The new V1.6.3 adds an Extrude Path tool for extruding a cross section (a polygon or a planar polyline) along a 3D polyline path to create a 3D solid mesh. A save-disabled free download is available.

Diamond Crush (pre-alpha) Java/OpenGL API based game

Apr 24, 2006 | Categories: Applications | Comments

Diamond Crush (pre-alpha) is an offline multiplayer gaming system for Windows, Linux and Linux64. It is built in Java and uses the LWJGL (Lightweight Java Game Library),  Java OpenGL and OpenAL binding to accelerate graphics and sound.

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