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Carina cross-platform OpenGL API-based 3D Viewer adds support for X3D and VRML97

The goal of Carina is to create a portable, high quality viewer for 3D formats, as well as a plugin for web browsers. It uses the QT library, OpenGL API and Java. The new v20050927 adds Anchor, Avatar, PointLight, and SpotLight nodes, crease angles and texture coordinates in indexed face sets, as well as support for X3D classic and xml encodings. Carina uses XSL-T to convert between formats such as X3D XML and Classic encodings to xVRML. The application knows about the transformation and, with Java enabled, will load the file as if it had a native parser specifically for that format. This opens the door for future versions of Carina to allow end-users to add transformations, and for Carina to chain them together until a format is reached that it can load. (Collada anyone?) Downloads are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux (as source)

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GLSL compiler front-end and GLSL validation tool updates with source

3Dlabs has released updated versions of the open source GLSL compiler front-end and GLSLvalidate. GLSLvalidate can be used to determine whether a shader conforms to the OpenGL Shading Language specification. Validating a shader with this tool ensures that it will be portable to all implementations that conform to the OpenGL Shading Language specification. Because the GLSL parser is built into this tool, GLSLvalidate can be used on systems even if they do not support OpenGL or the OpenGL Shading Language. Source code is available for both the compiler front-end and for GLSLvalidate

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Shallows GPGPU library facilitates OpenGL API-related C/C++ coding

Shallows is an opensource (GPL) C++ library designed to make GPGPU programming easier and safer. The goal is to reduce the time spent on writing and debugging OpenGL API-related C/C++ code, so the developers of GPGPU applications can concentrate on implementing the algorithms instead. GPGPU applications are all about performance, the overhead by using shallows is therefore kept low. In contrast to Brook and Sh the Shallows library is familiar to an experienced OpenGL developers mental view of the GPU pipeline, while at the same time checking for errors and minimize the number of codelines necessary for common GPGPU tasks.

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GPUflame OpenGL API-accelerated fractal flame renderer

feature graphic

GPUflame is a GPU-accelerated renderer for iterated function system fractals. It generates high quality images using the OpenGL API to accelerate the compuatation and high-dynamic range display. It is based on Scott Drave’s fractal flame algorithm (as used in the “Electric Sheep” screensaver).

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Amanith v0.1.1 vector graphics frameworks adds 64-bit support and new OpenGL API animation example

Amanith Framework is a cross-platform (Linux, Win32, Mac OX X, FreeBSD, Linux and IRIX) open source C++ framework for 2D and 3D vector graphics. The new v0.1.1 adds support for 64bit (Linux and Windows), hierarchical animations and and example that shows how animations can be combined with realtime accelerated rich graphics, using the OpenGL API.

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SARGE Animation SDK Update V1.5 adds morph mesh feature and OpenGL API example

SARGE is an animation SDK that helps you to import object and character animations from 3D modelling software into your own OpenGL API-based application or game engine. Version 1.5 released with new Mesh Morph feature for using details in your animations such as facial expressions, muscle simulation, object deformations and many other things. The new downloadable demo is an OpenGL API-based example.

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jMonkey Java engine with OpenGL API shader support enhances performance

jME (jMonkey Engine) is a high performance scene graph based graphics API written in Java using LWJGL and the OpenGL API. It features high level effects, such as: imposters (render to texture), environmental mapping, lens flare, tinting, particle systems, geometry including bezier patches, line, points, models import, terrain, and LOD, and shader support using ARB vertex and fragment shaders. The new 0.9 optimizes and enhances the core API for a cleaner, faster and better overall engine.

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Raydium v0.680 open source game engine adds video to texture

Raydium is an open source game engine that features 3D captures, data repositories, in-game live video capture and playback, a themable GUI, networked physics, full Python bindings, and many other things. All rendering (meshes, OSD, GUI, particles, video) is done using the OpenGL API. The new v0.680 adds video to texture, dynamic lightmaps, full docs and more.

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ATI 3D Developer Days Oct 19-20 in San Francisco

ATI 3D Developer Days will be held October 19-20 in San Francisco ($150 registration) and will cover ATI’s latest developer tools and SDKs for creating OpenGL API-based shadow-mapping techniques, parallax occlusion mapping, dynamic glossy environment reflections and more with a focus on 3D games. There will also be a session on using the ATI Imageon 2300 and OpenGL ES to optimize 3D games running on current generation cell phones.

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Firefox 1.5 (alpha 2)  canvas element for programmable graphics could support OpenGL API-based 3D c

The open source Firefox Web browser continues to grow in popularity.  Firefox 1.5 alpha 2, comes with many features for XML developers, including XML parsing, XHTML, CSS, XSLT, SVG, XML Events in JavaScript, and XForms. It also includes a new canvas HTML element for programmable graphics. canvas is an element that serves as a scriptable, bitmap drawing surface for things like business presentation graphics, specialized forms controls, simulations, and complex data visualization. Mozilla’s canvas currently supports only two-dimensional graphics, but 3D is on the horizon if OpenGL API facilities are made available for the Mozilla platform.  OpenGL developers are encouraged to get involved.

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Shade 8 3D modeling and rendering software enhances OpenGL API accelerated real-time previews

Shade is a 3D graphics toolkit for designers, illustrators and architects. The new Shade 8 features network rendering, stronger modeling tools including polygon mesh editing, better integration with Poser, a new Toon renderer, faster Radiosity calculation, an improved Callisto renderer and enhanced OpenGL API-based preview with streamlined options, UV texture mapping preview, and pbuffer support. Available for Win32 or Mac.

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ArKaos VJ adds OpenGL API hardware-accelerated video engine

ArKaos VJ lets visual artists create live visual performances. It can mix video from multiple sources with 2D and 3D effects, adding layers of luminance and chrominance and other graphical effects. The new VJ3.5 (preview release) adds support for OpenGL API hardware accelerated image and video processing using the GPU. Pixel-shaders allow advanced image processing in a minimum development time thanks to the per pixel treatment; whereas vertex-shaders allow advanced light effects and volumes deformation thanks to the per vertex treatment.

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Nvidia FX Composer 2 to support OpenGL Shading Language and use COLLADA format

The slides from Iron Developer 2005 includes a presentation on the upcoming FX Composer 2. FX Composer makes shader development and optimization easier for programmers while providing an intuitive GUI for artists customizing shaders for a particular scene. The new FX Composer 2 will add a new plug-in architecture, UI improvements, Python.NET scripting, and support the OpenGL Shading Language as well as Cg and HLSL, with API independent shader editing.  It will also use the COLLADA XML project format.

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Spartlet (alpha) multiplyer networking 2D space shooter using the OpenGL API

Sparklet (alpha) is a multiplayer networking client-server, top-down view, space shooting game for 2 or more remote players. Different maps, space ships and game modes are available. It is written in pure ANSI C++ and runs well under Linux and Windows, using the OpenGL API for graphics

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Video tutorials in Spanish for programming the OpenGL API with MFC/Win32

This is a set of 13 beginner video tutorials in Spanish for using OpenGL API with MFC/Win32. Topics include prmitives, color, rotation, materials, textures, transparencies, and 2D text.  New tutorial are added regularly. Con estas lecciones aprende las bases de la programacn OpenGL, la cual es usada para el desarrollo de videojuegos.

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