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MotionBuilder 7 OpenGL API-based character animation software adds rigging enhancements

MotionBuilder for Win32 and Mac OS X uses the OpenGL API to offer real-time 3D character performance and animation. The new v7 adds new rigging enhancements including character extensions and control rig visual feedback, enhanced communication with Maya, and the ability repurpose and reuse animation clips with any character.

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Cairo v1.0 2D graphics library with support for OpenGL API acceleration

Cairo is a 2D graphics library with support for the X Window System, Win32, and image buffers and provides operations similar to the drawing operators of PostScript and PDF. It takes advantage of OpenGL API-based display hardware acceleration through the Glitz OpenGL API-based image compositing library.

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3Dlabs OpenGL Shading Language with OpenSceneGraph presentation from Siggraph 2005

This presentation from Siggraph 2005 described using the OpenGL Shading Language with OpenSceneGraph as part of the seminar entitled Advanced Rendering Techniques using OpenSceneGraph.

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Irrlicht Engine adds support for OpenGL Shading Language

The Irrlicht Engine is an open source high performance real-time 3D engine for C++ and .NET languages. The new v0.12 adds support for the OpenGL Shading Language, 64-bit OSs, OpenGL RTT, enhanced timers and detailed maps.

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GLSLvalidate v1.7 OpenGL Shading Language validation tool

GLSLvalidate is a GUI driven application that allows you to quickly verify that your GLSL shader is written according to the OpenGL Shading Language specification. There are GLSL implementations that allow a variety of language constructs that are NOT defined by the GLSL specification. These shaders are not portable and will not work on implementations that do conform to the specification. This application will load and parse a vertex shader or fragment shader using the open source GLSL compiler front-end from 3Dlabs. Any errors are reported in the application’s output window. (Because the GLSL parser is built into this tool, GLSLvalidate can be used on systems even if they do not support OpenGL or the OpenGL Shading Language.) Available as Win binaries or as BSD-style open source.

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3Dlabs hardware profiling technology added to the gDEBugger OpenGL API debugging tool

3Dlab’s Hardware Profiling Technology is now available as part of the gDEBugger debugging and profiling tool for OpenGL API-based applications. With this technology, an application developer can display graphics hardware performance metrics such as vertex and fragment processor utilization when running on 3Dlabs Wildcat Realizm hardware. These metrics can be used to spot bottlenecks and optimize performance. gDEBugger supports OpenGL v2.0 and many additional extensions. It also supports applications that render using multiple threads and multiple contexts.

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OglExt OpenGL API extension library adds support for OpenGL 2.0

OglExt is a free OpenGL extension library, enabling the easy access of all functionality up to OpenGL 2.0 as well as API functions of more than 270 OpenGL extensions. The new v1.2 adds full support for OpenGL 2.0, as well as recent ATI, Nvidia and ARB extensions.  Available for Win32, Linux and Mac OS X.

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OpenVG (accelerated vector graphics) reference implementation binaries using GLUT

OpenVG is a royalty-free, cross-platform API that provides a low-level hardware acceleration interface for vector graphics libraries such as Flash and SVG. It is modeled closely on the OpenGL API, and can work as a companion to OpenGL ES.  Hybrid Graphics has released Win32 binaries of an OpenVG 1.0 Reference Implementation (RI). The implementation uses GLUT and includes the OpenVG DLL, header files and a sample project binaries and source. The RI is not speed optimized and not suitable for development use, but it can be used for validation tests.

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H3D v1.2 OpenGL-based scene graph API for touch-enabled applications adds X3D extensions for stereos

H3D API is a C++ implementation of the X3D standard as an open source API for the development of haptic (touch-enabled) applications. H3D API uses
the OpenGL API for graphical rendering and supports OpenGL stereo rendering modes. The new v1.2 adds additional X3D compliant nodes (e.g.
Background, NavigationInfo, BackgroundTexture and BooleanFilter) as well as several extensions to X3D to support stereo graphics rendering and simulated haptics devices.

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ActiveSolid OpenGL API-based solid modeler adds one-click house/roof/wall creation tools

ActiveSolid is an OpenGL API-based 3D solid modeling, prototyping, and view mark-up application. It can run as an IE plug-in or as a standalone end-user application.  It features associative 3D dimensions, Boolean operations on 3D meshes and 2D polygons, 3D slicing, local vertex editing, optimal solid reconstruction from parallel contours, 2D mark-up tools, and 3D object creation. The new v1.6 adds polygon offset and one-click house/roof/wall creation.

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Framebuffer Object (FBO) C++ class available with example application

This C++ class provides a minimal abstraction of the OpenGL framebuffer object (FBO) specification. FBOs enables flexible, efficient render-to-texture in OpenGL and obviates the use of pbuffers. The class provides both a gentle introduction to FBOs and a full-featured, lightweight wrapper around this recent OpenGL API feature. Included with the Sourceforge distribution is a tutorial example application that uses the FBO class.

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Sudoku Insight GPL program for solving Sudoku Puzzles visually using the OpenGL API

Sudoku Insight helps solve Sudoku Puzzles visually, coloring the numbers to show their relations. The program uses the OpenGL API for drawing the number grid. It has different help levels, so the user can solve the puzzle in one step, or more or less manually. Includes Win32 Binaries and source code and Makefiles for MinGW, Dev-C++ and Visual C++ 6.0.

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TesselSphere OpenGL-API based spherical subdivision utility

feature graphic

TesselSphere is a freeware OpenGL spherical subdivision utility that models Delaunay and Voronoi hulls and generates geodesic spheres. Live morphers can act on the hulls. It was inspired by attempts to model holoplanktonic protozoa, pollen and virus forms. The goals was to generate vertices for specific species and then manipulate output in modeling programs. Available with source for Linux and Win32.

As of August 2008 this product seems to have disappeared.

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Quake 3: Arena source now available as GPL

The full source code to Quake 3: Arena (and associated tools including compilers and Q3Radiant map editor) has been released under GPL by id Software.

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Logical Stones Level Pack #1 OpenGL API rendered logic game

Lical Stones Level Pack #1 is an OpenGL API-based puzzle logic game. The aim is to push all the stones to the level’s exit points as fast as possible.

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