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Pixcon v3.0.0 open source 3D animation and rendering tools library significantly enhances OpenGL API

Jul 29, 2005 | Categories: Developers | Comments

Pixcon is an open source software 3D animation and rendering tools development suite for rapid development of cross platform software - with emphasis towards games, high-end rendering, simulation, and 2D/3D visualization. Software includes a set of libraries, utilities, documentation, and examples. The new v3.00 adds more utilization of OpenGL API/GPU matrix hardware,  autogenerated OpenGL mipmap support, OpenGL offscreen rendering class, OpenGL support for paletted textures, upgraded TIFF & JPEG libraries, conversion support for MetaVR’s 3D format, and more documentation. Future releases will support OpenGL shaders, vertex objects, and display lists.

PowerVR SGX core offers OpenGL 2.0 support with programmable shaders for mobile devices

Jul 29, 2005 | Categories: Processors | Comments

Imagination Technologies introduced the Power VR SGX Shader Graphics Accelerator cores for wireless devices and smart phones. They offer OpenGL 2.0 shader support in an architecture that merges vertex and pixel shading into a single pipeline. It uses tile based rendering and deferred pixel shading to reduce power consumption for mobile devices.

International Mobile Gaming Awards for OpenGL developers

Jul 28, 2005 | Categories: Developers | Comments

The International Mobile Gaming Awards is a unique opportunity for OpenGL ES developers (with OpenGL ES 1.1 and OpenGL ES 2.0 that means any desktop OpenGL developer), to get assistance with developing a professional game for publication and prizes.  The competition works in two phases:  Phase 1 due Oct 17th, is for the developer to submit a proposal for the production of a game or a pilot. An international jury will select 20 projects that will then receive tools and technical assistance to develop the game further. The finished games will enter a second competition ending on 10th February 2006.  On 15th February, four final winners will be announced. Grand Prize is $10,000 and a publishing contract in Europe.

Convolution Filters sample in OpenGL using Cg

Jul 28, 2005 | Categories: Developers | Comments

This example shows various methods of implementing convolution filters in OpenGL using Cg. It supports both 1D separable filters (such as Gaussian blur) and 2D filters (such as disc blurs). The code shows how to take advantage of bilinear texture filtering so that only half the usual number of texture samples are required for separable filters. It also demonstrates how to implement steerable filters, where the width of the filter can vary from pixel to pixel.

NVIDIA SDK 9.5 adds GPU video and fx using shaders and the OpenGL API

Jul 28, 2005 | Categories: Developers | Comments

The NVIDIA SDK includes hundreds of code samples, effects, and useful libraries to help developers learn how to take advantage of OpenGL API-based technology including Shaders, FBO, mutlisample antialiasing, ambient dynamic occlusion, FFTs, Fluid effects, superglow and more. In particular check out the CPGPU samples.

GLSHell v2.0 script interpreter adds support for OpenGL FBO extension

Jul 28, 2005 | Categories: Developers | Comments

GL shell is a script interpreter based on bytecode compiler from Unigine engine.  GLSHell v2.0 adds increased speed,  a new ‘Mesh’ class with hardware support of shadow volumes and EXT_framebuffer_object extension support. The download includes 15 demos including Mandelbrot fractal, hardware IFS fractals, GPU ratytracing, 2D metaballs, GPU knots, paralax mapping, hardware shadow maps, stencil shadows, and more.

Internet simulator uses the OpenGL API to render global packet dynamics

Jul 26, 2005 | Categories: Applications | Comments

PARCHER (Packet oRder and CHaos in Ensemble Routing) is a project studying models of global traffic dynamics. This project provides a real-time traffic simulator that uses the OpenGL API to render the geographic location of routers and their links. The visualization enables the user to see how packet queues are built dinamically depending on the amount of incoming traffic.

OpenGL API/Cg Collada viewer for Windows, Linux and MacOS

Jul 26, 2005 | Categories: Applications | Comments

Collada defines a standard XML schema for 3D data interchange (including motion and shaders). The Collada format is the official 3D model interchange format for use on the Playstation 3 (using OpenGL ES for rendering) and is already supported in many digital content creation applications. This viewer with source, uses the OpenGL API and Cg to open and view Collada data files. Also check out the OpenSceneGraph Collada ReaderWriter plugin.

particleIllusion 3.0 uses the OpenGL API for particle effects on Win and Mac

Jul 26, 2005 | Categories: Applications | Comments

particleIllusion is a standalone particle effects application that is easy to use, fast, and powerful. The v3.0, now for Mac OS X & Windows adds forces (e.g. wind), Super emitters - emitters that emit other emitters, new color options and rndering engine enhancements including high-quality motion blur, field rendering, and improved alpha channel creation. It uses OpenGL API-based hardware acceleration for real-time (or near real-time) preview of most effects and ultra-fast rendering of final output.

OpenML media library reference implementation and SDK released as open source

Jul 25, 2005 | Categories: Developers | Comments

feature graphic

OpenML is a royalty-free, cross-platform programming environment for capturing, transporting, processing, displaying, and synchronizing digital media - including 2D/3D graphics and audio/video streams. It standardizes support for audio, video, 2D graphics, and OpenGL API 3D graphics at the thinnest possible layer on top of the hardware. Extensions to the OpenGL API add capabilities for synchronization with other parts of the system, for improved rendering performance and quality, and for improved treatment of video formats. The OpenML Reference Implementation and ML SDK has been released by the Khronos Group as open source and is available on Binaries available for Win32 and Linux.

pyglplot Python module uses OpenGL API and GTK+ to plot data in 3D

Jul 25, 2005 | Categories: Applications | Comments

pyglplot is an interactive 3D plotting and visualization tool written as a Python module. It is implemented using the OpenGL API and the GIMP Toolkit (GTK+)and support 3D plots of surface including support for transparency, wireframe overlays, fog, and dynamic lights.

Sony confirms PlayStation 3 to use OpenGL ES

Jul 25, 2005 | Categories: Developers | Comments

At Sony Computer Entertainment’s PlayStation meeting the company president showed off the development kit hardware and confirmed and the choice of OpenGL ES as the graphics API in order to facilitate rapid developer adoption and content creation. The Sony Playstation 3 will be using OpenGL ES for the 3D graphics API, NVIDIA’s Cg shader language and tools (CG compiler, FX composer, ShaderPerf and PerHUD), and the development tools will also incorporate support for the COLLADA format for art asset interchange so that developers can share interactive 3D art among multiple platforms. This also opens the possibility that after the PS3’s launch, the platform could be opened to general development to anyone, not just game developers. (In marked contrast to Xbox).

FinalTouch 2.0 uses the OpenGL API for real-time digital color correction of movies

Jul 25, 2005 | Categories: Applications | Comments

FinalTouch 2.0 for Mac OS X is a real-time tool for professional colorists to color-correct and fine-tune movies using OpenGL API-based 32-bit per channel imaging. FinalTouch supports ATI video cards with rendering done in off-screen memory using 32-bit floating point precision support for shaders. FinalTouch will host the “Final Touch - The Gathering of Hollywood’s Colorists” BOF on Thursday August 4.

Atlantis classic ball-matching arcade/puzzle game using OpenGL API graphics

Jul 25, 2005 | Categories: Applications | Comments

feature graphic

Atlantis is a new classic arcade/puzzle game in which players must match colored balls along 81 different paths. A strategic side to the puzzle genre lets the players collect credits and buy bonuses. The game offers full-screen OpenGL API-based graphics for both Mac and PC using the PTK

OpenGL extensions catalogue

Jul 25, 2005 | Categories: Developers | Comments

This online catalogue of OpenGL extensions from many different vendors includes specification and partial documentation. See also the official OpenGL Extension Registery.

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