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Archipelis is pleased to announce the availability of v2.0 of Archipelis Designer

The Archipelis company is pleased to announce the availability of the version 2.0 of Archipelis Designer. Archipelis Designer takes a different approach to creating 3D models by simply drawing its shape! Just draw the contour of the various shapes of the model (for example: the head, the body, the legs) and Archipelis Designer automatically merges them and applies textures. It is also possible to use a picture or photo as a background of the OpenGL viewport and follow the contours on it. Thus, very simply and in about ten minutes, it is possible to create realistic organic models and to export them in widespread 3D formats like VRML, 3DS Max, DirectX or Google Sktechup and moreover Second Life. An amazing feature automatically writes Open GL source code (in C language), ready to use & modify for developers. This brand new version 2.0 using OpenGL rendering is much faster, more accurate, can work up to 6 textures, handle 3D interactions, can export the result to the Second Life platform.

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