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ALT Software OpenGL drivers for the Freescale Media5200 telematics systems

ALT Software has developed OpenGL drivers for the Freescale Media5200 telematics (automotive navigation and entertainment) systems. End-users may soon be enjoying navigation mapping systems that include 3D renderings of landmarks and prominent buildings as reference points, or changeable “skins” for stereo interfaces to satisfy their different tastes. ALT’s OpenGL API-based display software, for example, enables a person to view a navigation map and have a video window open automatically to provide live video feeds from cameras positioned outside a vehicle. Features such as alpha-blending can also allow real-time data, such as incoming phone calls, to “pop-up” on the screen in a translucent window that does not obstruct the driver’s view of the navigation map.

May 18, 2006 | Read article... | Permalink

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