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Algoryx Simulation releases AGX Multiphysics based on OpenCL, OpenGL and COLLADA

Algoryx Simulation announces that their physics simulation toolkit, AGX Multiphysics, is available for evalutation and licensing. AGX is designed to give the user control over modeling and precision, so that the same unified physics solution can be used both for visual interactive real time applications, as well as for high fidelity and high precision simulations in science and engineering. AGX has an advanced modern C++ based API and can be integrated in any graphics pipeline or end-user application running MS Windows, Apple OS X or Linux. AGX provides the user with a choice between fast and approximate iterative solvers, and high precision parallel direct solvers depending on the application context and required precision. Many solver kernels are implemented in OpenCL for heterogeneous parallel computing on multicore and graphics processors (GPU). The default pipeline is based on OpenSceneGraph and OpenGL, and has a Lua interface for scripting. AGX has a powerful scene description format and also supports the COLLADA format.

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