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Advanced Visual Effects with OpenGL - report from GDC; OpenGL 2.1, ARB, Vista

ATI and NVIDIA joined forces to present a full-day tutorial covering OpenGL visual effects.  They also presented a lot of information about the future direction of OpenGL.

  • The ARB is now working to transition the management of OpenGL to the Khronos Group (who manage OpenGL ES) by the end of the year. Having Khronos manage OpenGL will remove some artificial walls between the evolution of OpenGL and OpenGL ES, and will result in OpenGL being updated more quickly
  • As mentioned previously, because of developer and IHV action, OpenGL ICDs will be fully supported under Windows Vista
  • OpenGL 2.1 is on track for Siggraph 06.  Proposed features include: Pixelbuffer Objects, OpenGL Shading Language 1.20, Float buffers, sRGB textures, ARB_synch_object,  and updates to ARB_framebuffer_object
  • There was an extensive discussion about proposed features and directions for OpenGL

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