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3D Topicscape concept-mapping software offers OpenGL API-enhanced Pro and Lite versions

3D Topicscape is 3D concept-mapping software that lets you fly through you ideas, project materials and reference data using an OpenGL API-based engine. The latest update comes in a Pro and a Lite version. Both use the same 3D interface, but Lite has had the 2D interface simplified. Pro’s feature set also adds skins, user customization of textures, 3D models and transparency. Pro’s also supports direct links to objects in other software (e.g. Outlook tasks and contacts). Topicscape is based on the OpenGL API and supports compressed texture s, vertex arrays, scene management using Frustum Culling for 3D zoom and flying effect,  terrain creation using tiling and Stencil buffer, alpha and blending techniques, line drawings for user interface and highly integrated OpenGL API-based object selection.

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