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3D Clouds & Sky SDK for OpenGL Adds Linux Support, 20% Speedup

Sundog Software has released version 1.8 of SilverLining, its SDK for real-time 3D volumetric clouds, physically-based simulated skies, natural lighting, and precipitation effects. By supporting the new bindless graphics extensions, this new version runs 20% faster on OpenGL, with framerates exceeding 300 fps on consumer-grade hardware for scenes with volumetric cumulus clouds stretching to the horizon. Version 1.8 also introduces Linux support in addition to Windows. Visit our website at for an evaluation SDK, demos, movies, and screenshots of SilverLining in use for simulation, training, and games around the world. Royalty-free commercial licenses and academic licenses are available.

Jun 08, 2009 | Read article... | Permalink

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