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23M/SIMTRAM OpenGL based Simulator ready for Beta Test

After six months of setup and preliminary trials, announced today the beginning of the Beta testing phase of 23M/SIMTRAM, a unique simulation software specifically dedicated to trams and rail transportation in general. 23M/SIMTRAM is based on the OpenGL graphics library for the real-time reproduction of vehicle dynamics and includes high quality full-3D visual as well as specific transportation elements, such as lights, pedestrians, stops, door opening and other operations, allowing -among the others- an easy creation or modification of scenarios and vehicles. The goal of the 23M/SIMTRAM project, which started in 2006, is to create a realistic, accessible and expandable tram simulation software, dedicated to the fans, to the virtual collectors or simply to people fascinated by trams, subways or transportation in general. Being the standard in the simulation community, OpenGL was the natural choice for this software

May 31, 2008 | Read article... | Permalink

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