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OpenGL Job Search - Detail Listing

Software Engineer-Simulation/Pittsburgh, Pa

Posted Date: 25-09-2015

Company: FLW International LLC

Location: United States
Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


We are looking for people who will enjoy writing the simulation software and tools that will enable our Motion Planning Engineers to test their algorithms.  This software includes the simulation of vehicles and people that behave in a realistic manner.  We need engineers who can work with the Motion Planning Engineers to understand their requirements and then translate those requirements into production-quality simulation systems that enable them to reliably test their algorithms.  A Software Engineer - Simulation will have the following responsibilities: 
Design and implement AI systems to support the testing of Motion Planning algorithms
Design and implement solutions to create realistic behaviors for simulated entities
Collaborate with Motion Planning engineers to understand their testing needs
Contribute innovative ideas towards all aspects of simulation development
Write well architected, robust, and maintainable code using company coding standards
and the following skills:
Prior experience with AI systems (Path finding, LOS, state machines, sensory systems, group behaviors, etc…)
Experience implementing AI behaviors for both characters and vehicles
Strong C++ background
Strong 3D math abilities
Creative problem solving
Able to understand and integrate with existing systems quickly
Experience developing real-time systems
Experience with multi-threaded implementations
Working knowledge of OpenGL
Working knowledge of Qt

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