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OpenGL Job Search - Detail Listing

Middleware WebGL Engineer

Posted Date: 01-09-2016

Company: Naked Labs

Location: Redwood City, CA and Graz, Austria
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Design/develop/maintain cloud-based REST APIs, including support for WebGL.

Required experience: designing/implementing REST interfaces, WebGL/GLSL, node/Javascript, DB/SQL.

Plus experience: MEAN stack (particularly Angular.js), mobile development (iOS and/or Android).

Be prepared to demo an existing WebGL app you’ve designed/implemented.

Sr GPU Server Engineer

Posted Date: 01-09-2016

Company: Naked Labs

Location: Redwood City, CA and Graz, Austria
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We are seeking a strong OpenGL architect/engineer with AWS/EC2-GPU experience.

This will be a hands-on design/coding role that may evolve into a lead/management role, depending on experience and fit.

Required experience: AWS S3/EC2, OpenGL/GLSL, C/C++/Javascript, DB/SQL.

Mobile Graphics Engineer

Posted Date: 15-08-2016

Company: TopHatch

Location: Turku, Finland or Remote
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Concepts: Smarter Sketching is an award-winning sketching and design app for Architects, Illustrators, and Industrial Designers worldwide.

Your role would be to own the unique underlying renderer architecture of Concepts’ drawing engine. You’ll implement challenging new features and algorithms, and deliver performance and memory optimizations that make the app sing.

Key skills include:
- 2 years experience of developing OpenGL ES applications. The core of Concepts is written in OpenGL ES; we do some cool stuff to make Concepts what it is, and your job is to make it cooler (and faster and use less memory)
- 2 years experience of developing C++ including C++ 11. We use C++ heavily in the lower levels of the engine.
- Ability to develop original algorithms and improve and understanding existing ones. We have some complex algorithms to make our brushes look good. You’ll need to understand these to improve them, and create new ones too.
- A strong understanding of memory and performance of C++ and OpenGL ES. These are both critical for Concepts to run successfully on mobile architectures.
- Thread programming is important for getting the most out of multi-core devices. Understanding how OpenGL ES and threads interact would be helpful.

Also helpful:
- Experience with brush/ink rendering algorithms. Concepts is for sketching and drawing… we need great looking brushes, ink, watercolor, etc.
- iOS experience. Concepts is exclusive to iOS right now, some experience would be helpful but is not essential.

TopHatch is based in both Silicon Valley and Finland. We’ve won awards from Apple, we’re part of the 500Startups family, and we’re looking for awesome creative types (like you?) to join our team. We promise it’ll be interesting.