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C++ OpenGL Developer

Posted Date: 17-03-2015

Company: Blue Marble Geographics

Location: Anywhere
Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

We are recruiting a C++ developer with OpenGL skills in 3D Engine Development, geospatial and big data processing (ie; massive data point clouds and real world terrain modeling) who shares our passion for the space and how it can be applied to the business world.
Selected candidate will be involved in the architecting and development of our next generation 3D display engine. This is a highly focused small team development project with many known and unknown technical hurdles.
This can be a contract job or full time employment it’s up to you, but you can apply from anywhere since you will be working from your own place.
We are looking for someone that:
- Has at least 3 years of experience in OpenGL software development.
- Writes clean, well-organized and properly documented code.
- Thrives on complex technical challenges and is always eager to learn the latest technologies.
You will be measured on:
- The quality and efficiency of your code. Your code will have to be efficient and effective at handling the problems we are trying to solve.
- Speed. To keep up you’ll need to be productive, proactive and get products completed quickly.
- Your ability to work with others. We are working towards the same goals and we want people that will get along well with us.
A few reasons why you might love it:
- You will have autonomy to do incredible things.
- You will have the chance to expand your knowledge of new cutting-edge technologies while solving real-world problems.
- Your success will be recognized and appreciated.
And a few reasons why you might hate it:
- You don’t want to get your hands dirty. This is a hands-on coding and architecting role.
- You’ll have to be a smart decision maker, rather than a passive player waiting for the next assignment.

-About Blue Marble Geographics: Blue Marble Geographics of Hallowell, Maine is a leading developer and provider of software products and services for highly accurate geospatial data conversion solutions. Blue Marble is known for their coordinate conversion and file format expertise and is the developer of the Geographic Calculator, GeoCalc SDK, Global Mapper, LiDAR Module for Global Mapper and Global Mapper SDK. The company has been writing GIS software tools and solutions for over twenty years and currently serves hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. Learn more at

Computer Graphics Developer

Posted Date: 16-03-2015

Company: Orbital ATK, Inc.

Location: Northern Virginia, USA
Link to job posting

Required Qualifications:
- A good understanding of computer graphics fundamentals.
- Experience with the OpenGL API.
- Experience using the Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++ IDE.
- Experience designing, implementing, and testing software written using object orientated paradigms.
- Experience using the GLSL, OpenCL, or Cuda languages.
- Good written and oral communication skills.

sex-education startup seeks opengl/webgl expert

Posted Date: 15-03-2015

Company: For Goodness Sake

Location: San Francisco - remote freelancers welcome
Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Help us build a high performance WebGL library for mobile and desktop platforms that provides real-time, on-demand, life-like human movement using texture mapped photos and reference models.  The library will integrate with a separate advanced behavioral simulation engine to both send touch/mouse inputs and receive movement response requests.  You will closely follow edge-level browser developments to find new opportunities and emerging technologies that can contribute to the project.  Your past experience with WebGL or OpenGL will enable you to choose the right course to meet these goals, either building a custom and focused library or leveraging tools like three.js and the like.  Expand your already expert JavaScript knowledge, make great $ and contribute to much-needed cultural progress.

About us:
The overall veil of silence around women’s pleasure has gone on too long.  It’s a taboo that lingers like a hangover from previous generations and it’s not helping anyone.

In partnership with researchers at prominent universities and institutions, we’re performing the first-ever large-scale studies into the specific different ways women find manual-genital sexual pleasure.  And instead of turning that information into an academic journal article, we’re getting the info to the billions of people who need it through a rich in-browser experience.

We’re launching later this year.  We have over 20 full time employees in San Francisco and are looking for an additional developer to help us build a solution that will lead to stronger relationships, more open conversations and more pleasure the world over.

3D Software Engineer

Posted Date: 10-03-2015

Company: Glidewell Laboratories

Location: Irvine, CA
Link to job posting

Responsible to develop a suit of CAD dental products involved at all steps of dental restoration design; to develop innovative solutions to meet customer demands

• Works with the Project lead on software development assignments.
• Develops software components using C++, C#, Python and other programming languages.
• Familiar with ray tracing.
• Assists with implementation of software components.
• Ensures consistency, accuracy and compliance with required standard.
• Interacts with internal customers to understand and clarify customer needs; may interact with external customers.
• Provides technical support and consultation to staff and customers.
• Troubleshoots, tests, and analyzes issues and problems and determines solution.
• Researches new technology and trends in the areas of computational geometry and visualization.

• Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics or related technical field.
• Minimum of 1 year of programming experience in C/C++.
• Familiar with OpenGL, DirectX, or similar.
• Strong background in Mathematics.
• Knowledge of Visual Studio, .NET, WPF and other Microsoft technologies.

OpenGL & Systems Programmer

Posted Date: 06-03-2015

Company: Oblong Industries

Location: United States
Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

What would you do: We’re looking for a flexibly capable GL and systems programmer to join our team to help build the core of our flagship product, Mezzanine ( You will develop software components that enable a new generation of immersive interactive experiences with a focus on flexible large scale display configurations. Help us modernize our OpenGL stack, work closely with our hardware team to maximize performance, and architect innovative distributed applications.

• Fluency in C++
• Substantial experience delivering production-quality code*
• Proficiency in the OpenGL rendering pipeline and shader languages such as GLSL
• Experience optimizing for hardware acceleration – especially on Intel x86 platforms
• Deep familiarity with Linux architecture and performance tuning

Nice to have:
• Experience optimizing for low power, high efficiency hardware and devices
• Experience with embedded graphics solutions and/or OpenGL ES
• Familiarity with enterprise grade audio/video networking

Benefits and perks:
• Competitive compensation package of salary and stock options
• Medical, dental, and vision insurance
• 401K plan
• Gourmet lunches 3 days/week

* Please include relevant examples of your work, such as: a link to or bundle of code you’ve written, pointers to topical prose, a link to a mailing list thread in which you submit patches or offer contributions to a project, slides from a presentation you’ve given, or other relevant work.

Game Developer - C++/OpenGL

Posted Date: 17-02-2015

Company: Confidential

Location: Santa Monica, Ca
Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Software (Game) Developer (C++/OpenGL)

Exciting opportunity for a Software Developer with immediate availability.
The position
You will contribute to developing an exciting interactive body-driven multi-participants experience. You will be working in the context of a project currently under construction that will be experienced by thousands of people per year.
Required skills
• Fluency in C/C++
• Solid experience with OpenGL applications
• Familiarity with network programming
• Proven professional experience as a software engineer, game developer or multi-media programmer
• Excellent listener and can respond quickly to feedback
• Minimum of a B.A/B.S

Desired Skills
• Writes multi-threaded and efficient code for the Windows OS
• Experience with frameworks such as Open frameworks and QT
• Experience with the MinGW GCC toolchain
• Familiarity with Microsoft Visual Studio
• Experience developing Virtual Reality or Computer Vision applications

The candidate
You need to have proven professional experience designing robust software applications while working as part of a coordinated development team. You have an experimental, innovative attitude and enjoy challenges and new opportunities. You are flexible and adaptable to the changing requirements of a start-up working environment and you can easily handle and prioritize a variety of new tasks as they come up. You work well with others, have good communication skills and you are reasonably social. You can follow commissioned work while still finding room to contribute your own creative ideas. Having a good sense of humor and being easy going even under pressure would also be nice!

Why work with us
Our work is innovative, fun, and cutting-edge in the field of interaction design and creative engineering. We are a small yet mighty firm working with prestigious clients on international projects. The work environment is highly energetic, friendly and entails little or no bureaucracy. While we do have rules and values, there is plenty of room for individual and group contributions, and these are often encouraged.

About Us
Our designs are sensor-driven entertainment and innovative, interactive spaces activated by the natural movement and gestures of people. We are a small group that includes entertainment designers, software and hardware engineers, graphic designers and architects that work closely together. As a design-and-build firm, We use a creative approach that is more similar to film making than to traditional architecture. Our office environment is high-energy, fun, and entails as little bureaucracy as possible while also encouraging individual and group contributions. Our clients include prestigious architecture firms, large international corporations, and innovative museums. We are located in beautiful Santa Monica near the beach, restaurants and local entertainment.

OpenGL/Android Engineer

Posted Date: 05-01-2015

Company: Remix Media, Inc

Location: San Francisco
Link to job posting

Remix Media, Inc is looking for an experienced Android engineer who is passionate about building software. This is an opportunity to make a big impact on a cutting edge video/image processing focused app.

- development on Android
- Optimize video creation and distribution on mobile (Android platform)
- Ship code in an agile environment

- Passionate about coding and building scalable software
- Obsessed with mobile, the Android ecosystem and building high quality apps
- Familiarity with OpenGL
- Understanding of multimedia systems
- Understanding of software engineering best practices (e.g. unit testing, code reviews, design documentation)
- Having published an Android application is a plus
- Experience in Game development is a plus

Software Engineer (Graphics)

Posted Date: 24-08-2014

Company: Beast Code

Location: Shalimar, Fl
Link to job posting

Software Engineer (Graphics) at Beast Code:

Beast Code develops Modeling and Simulation applications for the Navy’s latest destroyer, DDG-1000. We are currently developing a framework based on Qt and OpenGL to power our applications. Prospective employees will contribute to this framework used to conduct susceptibility/recoverability analysis, data visualization as well as fulfilling Navy training requirements.

- U.S. Citizenship
- Proficiency/Expertise with C++ and OpenGL
- Experience with rendering and shader programming
- Deep knowledge of the graphics pipeline, GPU architecture, advanced lighting, texture and rendering techniques
- Strong math skills
- Hands on experience with Qt
- Experience working with CAD applications preferred
- Experience working with Windows, UNIX, Linux, Android and iOS

Additional Desired Qualifications:
- Active Secret security clearance
- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
- Demonstrated customer-oriented background
- Established record as a self starter
- U.S. military background/experience
- Willingness to travel locally and nationally
- High energy with the ability to adapt to fast paced requrements

Applicant’s may apply at

High Performance Data Visualization Engineer

Posted Date: 26-06-2014

Location: San Francisco
Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Start-up Systematic Trading firm based in San Francisco is seeking a Data Visualization Developer to join their world-class team of computer science and machine learning experts.

• Building tools and applications with aim of Visualization of large data sets.
• Good software programmer as well as GUI designer.
• High Proficiency in OpenGL, QT
• Knowledge of C++ a plus
• Experience building fast applications capable of collating and displaying large amounts of real-time market tick data.
• Experience in finance is not necessary, however must have intellectual curiosity to learn the products

Seeking Developer w/ Experience in: C++, OpenGL, Cinder (Brooklyn, NY)

Posted Date: 10-06-2014

Company: Patten Studio

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Patten Studio is a boutique company based in Brooklyn, NY that works at the intersection of design and technology to create new interactive experiences. Our projects range from interactive museum exhibits to new product prototypes, to data visualization systems.

We are always looking for talented people with technical and/or creative design skills. If you are very good at what you do and love the idea of working in an interdisciplinary environment, please get in touch.

Currently, we are especially on the lookout for software developers having skills in C++, OpenGL and Cinder. Other programming experience may include Python, openFrameworks, MySQL, Processing etc.

We are particularly interested in candidates who have experience and passion for both design and technology. We seek candidates that can tackle each step of the design and implementation process creatively.

The job position is temporary and project-based. All eligible applicants must be a resident of the NYC area.

To apply, please email us your resume, cover letter, and a recent portfolio of personal and professional projects to (pdf format only please).

Software Developer (Research Scientist II)

Posted Date: 11-02-2014

Company: Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

Location: Atlanta, GA
Link to job posting

Full-time, permanent position available, starting immediately.   Looking for a software developer with 4+ years of experience in software development with excellent knowledge of C++, OpenGL or Direct3D, 3D mathematics, and high performance concurrent code.  Experience with Microsoft COM would be beneficial but not required.

The ideal candidate would have a BS or MS in Computer Science or Engineering and would enjoy working in a cutting-edge software development environment.

The primary work assignment would be as a software developer on the FalconView® program.   FalconView is used for flight planning by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command.  It is a mapping package for Microsoft Windows that displays various types of maps and geographically referenced overlays.  FalconView’s low cost and portability allows pilots to do their flight planning almost anywhere.  The system has potential applications in other fields, particularly related to tracking vehicles using the Global Positioning System (GPS) interface.

The development environment is Windows 7 using Microsoft Visual C++.

Mobile Software Developer (Research Scientist I)

Posted Date: 11-02-2014

Company: Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI)

Location: Atlanta, GA
Link to job posting

Full-time, permanent position available, starting immediately.   The position requires 2+ years of experience in mobile and embedded application development in both Android (Java) and iOS (Objective-C) environments.


Additional requirements include, 4+ years of experience in software development with excellent knowledge of C++, C#, OpenGL and Direct3D, OpenGL (mobile environments), as well as high performance concurrent code. Experience in creating portable code libraries for use on mobile devices using C/C++ is beneficial. The ideal candidate is proficient in development practices leading to creating portable applications with native user interface layers and portable libraries using C/C++.

The ideal candidate would have a BS or MS in Computer Science or Engineering and would enjoy working in a cutting-edge software development environment.

The primary work assignment would be as a software developer on the FalconView® Mobile (FvMobile) program.   FalconView is used for flight planning by the U.S. Air Force, Army, Navy, and the U.S. Army’s Special Operations Command for air, ground, and maritime mission planning, operational support, and situational awareness by providing maps and geographically referenced data overlays.  FvMobile extends this capability to mobile devices such as iPads, Android devices, and other embedded systems.

The development environment for FalconView is Windows 7 using Microsoft Visual C++. For FalconView Mobile, Xamarin is the main software development tool.

Need OpenGL Developer

Posted Date: 23-09-2013

Location: Anywhere
Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Looking for an expert OpenGL developer to help with a personal project.

(Senior) Software Engineer - Javascript/WebGL

Posted Date: 12-09-2013

Company: Nokia/HERE

Location: Berlin, Germany
Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

About Nokia Berlin

HERE, a Nokia business, is offering the first location cloud that delivers people the world’s best maps and location experiences across more screens and operating systems unified under the HERE brand. With offices in more than 120 countries, HERE has three key development sites: Berlin, Boston and Chicago. Since 2006 Nokia is present in Berlin and the site has grown rapidly. Currently there are more than 700 employees from 50+ countries working in our lovely office in the heart of the city. Our goal is to build great mobile products that enable billions of people worldwide to enjoy more of what life has to offer. Nokia HERE applications help you get around, discover and explore, stay in touch and never lose your way.

At Nokia, we strive to deliver memorable moments and unforgettable experiences for our employees. You’ll have the opportunity to work with highly respected industry professionals from around the world, and learn from their experiences everyday. In return, we will prepare you for future opportunities to progress within the business and drive your own career; acquiring new skills and expertise along the way.

The position

Join our highly motivated map rendering team in Berlin as an experienced Software Developer specializing in JavaScript / WebGL development for 3D Maps.

Our Offering

    To work with evolving and challenging technologies
    To work in a great, international team of specialists on 3D map rendering topics like
    To invent next-generation map services for users world-wide


You have an outstanding academic background, a focus on quality and a proven ability to get things done. In addition, you have:

    Master’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent
    Proven proficiency in JavaScript, HTML5, WebGL, OpenGL and related topics
    Very good knowledge of algorithms, data structures
    Knowledge of scripting languages, preferably python
    Excellent problem solving and analytical skills
    Strong focus on performance aspects, willingness to question existing architectures/infrastructure
    Experienced in overall software engineering process, i.e. analysis, implementation, test and documentation
    Readiness for technical challenges
    Self-motivated,  well-organized, details-oriented and a strong team player
    Very good communication skills in English both written and spoken

Having either one or some of the following skills will be considered a Plus

    Proven proficiency in C++ and object oriented design in C++
    Familiarity with location based applications and paradigms is highly advantageous
    Experience in designing algorithms
    Backend development experience (web services)

Apply here

C++ OpenGL (2.0+) programmer for MegaGlest open source real-time strategy game

Posted Date: 16-08-2013

Location: Anywhere
Link to job posting

MegaGlest, an entirely volunteer driven open source real-time strategy game, is looking for a C++ programmer with OpenGL background. While we are unable to train novices (due to family obligations and other reasons) we are very much looking to work with people who can demonstrate existing skills (intermediary or better).

Please read up on our development pages for more information. To get a better idea on the MegaGlest project, please also check our forums, an older interview with the current MegaGlest team and the project initiators’ recent introductory presentation on MegaGlest.

If interested, please contact the team as discussed on the website. When you do, please tell us about you, your skills (have you been working on something similar in the past?), and suggest some area you would be interested to work on.

Thank you,


Compiler Engineer - 26663384

Posted Date: 20-03-2013

Company: Apple

Location: Cupertino, CA
Link to job posting

Changing the world is all in a day’s work at Apple. If you love innovation, here’s your chance to make a career of it. You’ll work hard. But the job comes with more than a few perks.

Imagine what you could do here. At Apple, great ideas have a way of becoming great products, services, and customer experiences very quickly. Bring passion and dedication to your job and there’s no telling what you could accomplish.

The Apple compiler team is seeking an engineer who is strongly motivated to build high quality and high performance compilers. We are focused on improving the user experience by reducing compile time as well as maximizing the execution speed of the code generated for the Apple systems. As a key member of the Apple Compiler Team, you will apply your strong state-of-the-art background and experience toward the development of fast highly optimized compiler products that extract top performance from the Apple systems.

You will join a small team of highly motivated engineers who build first-class open-source compiler tools and apply them in innovative ways.

Required Experience:
Ideal candidate will have experience with the LLVM, GCC, or other open source / commercial compilers.
Strong background in compiler architecture, optimization, code generation and overall design of compilers.
Experience with developing optimizing compilers for modern architectures.
Familiarity with analyzing generated code for optimization/code generation opportunities.
Strong track record of building high performance, production quality software on schedule.
Strong communication and teamwork skills.

Additional Requirements:
Additional Requirements:
Experience with developing compilers and tools for embedded devices
Experience with developing compilers for novel micro-architectures and instruction sets
Background in runtime compilation technologies for graphics such as OpenGL, OpenCL, and Direct3D
Knowledge and experience with compiler vectorization technologies

To apply for this position, copy/paste the following URL into your browser:

SkunkWerks Software - Graphics Programmer

Posted Date: 01-08-2012

Company: SkunkWerks Software

Location: 1675 West 2nd Avenue Vancouver, BC V6J 1H3 CANADA
Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The Job:
SkunkWerks is looking for a motivated Graphics Programmer that will become integral to the development of a cutting-edge R&D application. This major R&D project is focused heavily toward the field of modern entertainment and media. The successful applicant will be working closely with our Sr. Software Developers and Sr. Graphic Designers.

Job Requirements:

-University Graduate in Computer Science degree or similar program (as a minimum)

Programming skills:
-Strong Objective-c or C/C++ knowledge
-Experience with OpenGL programming
-Experience with implementing design patterns
-Excels in 3D math (linear algebra, vector math)
-Strong problem solving abilities
-Works well in a team environment
-Able to adapt to fast paced dynamic environment

Bonus attributes:
-Experience with developing an iOS game
-Relevant professional experience
-Experience with integrating 3D models

Skunkwerks Software is a profitable, rapidly growing web application company located in Vancouver, BC. We have extensive experience in building highly interactive, data-driven, enterprise level applications for the web. SkunkWerks has excellent dental/medical benefits, stock option plan, holidays and career growth potential.

OpenGL 4.2 programmer based in Los Angeles, California needed ASAP

Posted Date: 28-12-2011

Company: Pyxis Studio

Location: Burbank, CA
Contact: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Studio Pyxis is looking for OpenGL programmers.  Staff, Part Time, and Project
positions available.  We’re looking for people with some good real time graphics
kung fu to show regardless of professional experience.  Pyxis will pay top dollar
for the right candidate. An understanding of the latest OpenGL features a must,
including GLSL, Vertex Array Objects, Instance Rendering, Tessellation.

Studio Pyxis is an exciting to production company in Burbank.  The company
industry veterans.  People who’ve designed and built some of the most exciting
projects in Hollywood, including Virtual Production for Avatar, the introduction
HDRI lighting to the industry in the 90s, ground breaking rendering technology
and more.  Join our team and be a part of the Hollywood future, creating amazing
technology and original theatrical content.

The first software project is for a live concert VJ tool, which will include
live 3D projection on multiple screens with interactive control.  It is the
future of of live theatrical events, and we need the best to help us build it.

Required Skills:
Visual Studio

Plus for any additional skills in these areas:
Software Project Management
VFX Production Experience
Game Engine Development or Design
Open Asset Import LIbrary
iOS/Objective C
Flex/Byson (or equivalent)
Ruby on Rails
System Administration
Amazon AWS experience
Assembly Language
signal processing

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