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Texture Parameters

Various parameters control how the texture array is treated when applied to a fragment. Each parameter is set by calling

void TexParameter[if] ( enum target, enum pname, T param ) ;
void TexParameter[if]v ( enum target, enum pname, T params ) ;

target is the target, either TEXTURE_1D or TEXTURE_2D, pname is a symbolic constant indicating the parameter to be set; the possible constants and corresponding parameters are summarized in Table 3.9. In the first form of the command, param is a value to which to set a single-valued parameter; in the second form of the command, params is an array of parameters whose type depends on the parameter being set. If the values for TEXTURE_BORDER_COLOR are specified as integers, the conversion for signed integers from Table 2.6 is applied to convert the values to floating-point. Each of the four values set by TEXTURE_BORDER_COLOR is clamped to lie in .

Table 3.9: Texture parameters and their values.

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