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C.10 Acknowledgements

OpenGL 1.1 is the result of the contributions of many people, representing a cross section of the computer industry. Following is a partial list of the contributors, including the company that they represented at the time of their contribution:

Kurt Akeley, Silicon Graphics

Bill Armstrong, Evans & Sutherland

Andy Bigos, 3Dlabs

Pat Brown, IBM

Jim Cobb, Evans & Sutherland

Dick Coulter, Digital Equipment

Bruce D'Amora, GE Medical Systems

John Dennis, Digital Equipment

Fred Fisher, Accel Graphics

Chris Frazier, Silicon Graphics

Todd Frazier, Evans & Sutherland

Tim Freese, NCD

Ken Garnett, NCD

Mike Heck, Template Graphics Software

Dave Higgins, IBM

Phil Huxley, 3Dlabs

Dale Kirkland, Intergraph

Hock San Lee, Microsoft

Kevin LeFebvre, Hewlett Packard

Jim Miller, IBM

Tim Misner, SunSoft

Jeremy Morris, 3Dlabs

Israel Pinkas, Intel

Bimal Poddar, IBM

Lyle Ramshaw, Digital Equipment

Randi Rost, Hewlett Packard

John Schimpf, Silicon Graphics

Mark Segal, Silicon Graphics

Igor Sinyak, Intel

Jeff Stevenson, Hewlett Packard

Bill Sweeney, SunSoft

Kelvin Thompson, Portable Graphics

Neil Trevett, 3Dlabs

Linas Vepstas, IBM

Andy Vesper, Digital Equipment

Henri Warren, Megatek

Paula Womack, Silicon Graphics

Mason Woo, Silicon Graphics

Steve Wright, Microsoft

David Blythe
Sat Mar 29 02:23:21 PST 1997