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C.9 Other Changes

  1. Color indices may now be specified as unsigned bytes.

  2. Texture coordinates s, t, and r are divided by q during the rasterization of points, pixel rectangles, and bitmaps. This division was documented only for lines and polygons in the 1.0 version.

  3. The line rasterization algorithm was changed so that vertical lines on pixel borders rasterize correctly.

  4. Separate pixel transfer discussions in chapter 3 and chapter 4 were combined into a single discussion in chapter 3.

  5. Texture alpha values are returned as 1.0 if there is no alpha channel in the texture array. This behavior was unspecified in the 1.0 version, and was incorrectly documented in the reference manual.

  6. Fog start and end values may now be negative.

  7. Evaluated color values direct the evaluation of the lighting equation if   ColorMaterial is enabled.

David Blythe
Sat Mar 29 02:23:21 PST 1997