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C.1 Vertex Array

Arrays of vertex data may be transferred to the GL with many fewer commands than were previously necessary. Six arrays are defined, one each storing vertex positions, normal coordinates, colors, color indices, texture coordinates, and edge flags. The arrays may be specified and enabled independently, or one of the pre-defined configurations may be selected with a single command.

The primary goal was to decrease the number of subroutine calls required to transfer non-display listed geometry data to the GL. A secondary goal was to improve the efficiency of the transfer; especially to allow direct memory access (DMA) hardware to be used to effect the transfer. The additions match those of the EXT_vertex_array extension, except that static array data are not supported (because they complicated the interface, and were not being used), and the pre-defined configurations are added (both to reduce subroutine count even further, and to allow for efficient transfer of array data).

David Blythe
Sat Mar 29 02:23:21 PST 1997