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A.2 Multi-pass Algorithms

Invariance is necessary for a whole set of useful multi-pass algorithms. Such algorithms render multiple times, each time with a different GL mode vector, to eventually produce a result in the framebuffer. Examples of these algorithms include:

On the other hand, invariance rules can greatly increase the complexity of high-performance implementations of the GL. Even the weak repeatability requirement significantly constrains a parallel implementation of the GL. Because GL implementations are required to implement ALL GL capabilities, not just a convenient subset, those that utilize hardware acceleration are expected to alternate between hardware and software modules based on the current GL mode vector. A strong invariance requirement forces the behavior of the hardware and software modules to be identical, something that may be very difficult to achieve (for example, if the hardware does floating-point operations with different precision than the software).

What is desired is a compromise that results in many compliant, high-performance implementations, and in many software vendors choosing to port to OpenGL.

David Blythe
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