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2.2 GL State

The GL maintains considerable state. This document enumerates each state variable and describes how each variable can be changed. For purposes of discussion, state variables are categorized somewhat arbitrarily by their function. Although we describe the operations that the GL performs on the framebuffer, the framebuffer is not a part of GL state.

We distinguish two types of state. The first type of state, called GL server state, resides in the GL server. The majority of GL state falls into this category. The second type of state, called GL client state, resides in the GL client. Unless otherwise specified, all state referred to in this document is GL server state; GL client state is specifically identified. Each instance of a GL context implies one complete set of GL server state; each connection from a client to a server implies a set of both GL client state and GL server state.

While an implementation of the GL may be hardware dependent, this discussion is independent of the specific hardware on which a GL is implemented. We are therefore concerned with the state of graphics hardware only when it corresponds precisely to GL state.

David Blythe
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