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Thread: How I can create hqx or xBR shader in GLSL?

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    Unhappy How I can create hqx or xBR shader in GLSL?

    Hello, people!

    I'm new here and I want to make a image scaling shader in OpenGL Shader Language... but I have no idea how to make it. My shader language can be GLSL ES and GLSL.

    Please, help!

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    Useful context for your question from wikipedia (re hqx & xBR):

    These shaders appear to be close to what you're looking for (all part of libretro):

    Of course you'll need to translate them into GLSL, but that's not too hard if you know any GPU shading languages. If you're a newbie there, pick up a good GLSL book (e.g. OpenGL Shading Language) or an on-line tutorial (e.g. GLSL Tutorial – Core (Lighthouse3D)).
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