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Thread: Unexpected performance results about instance and using indirect buffers

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    Unexpected performance results about instance and using indirect buffers

    Hi, Y'all!

    Doing a review of the performance of my application I have obtained results that are difficult for me to understand, I am using transform feedback and indirect buffers to culling and draw diferents LODīs, with this I have been able to instantiate many more 3D models, also for the passage of shadows.

    but doing a review on performance soon I've seen something quite weird, when I represent 3D instances using TF and Indirect buffers (calling glDrawElementsIndirect) The Usage and Load of my GPU they went down, (you can see it in IMAGE 1),
    I am using Uniform buffer to avoid set all uniforms shaders in each draw call (to spected get more CPU performance), and the sum of all drawEmentsIndirects calls is 10-18 depending of chunks loaded, I think that don't are much to down performance of GPU, I'm also very sure that VRAM memory resources are not being using shared.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ps. without instancing AVG FPS is 120, with intancing AVG FPS is 65 and Instancing and shadows AVG FPS is 58
    Ps. I am using a modern Hardware Gtx1000 series.

    I expected to be able to maintain a GPU usage above 97, any suggestion about what may be happening?
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