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Thread: How to call a Function within GLFW Window ?

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    How to call a Function within GLFW Window ?

    I have GLFW window, and I've defined a specific height and width for it. Here's my GLFW window :
    Code :
    GLFWwindow *window = glfwCreateWindow( WIDTH, HEIGHT, "Exercise 3" , nullptr, nullptr );

    And now, I want to call FPS in my window title. Side by side with my own title. I came across FPS counter function
    Code :
    double calcFPS(double theTimeInterval = 1.0, string theWindowTitle = "NONE"){...

    And I can't seem to call the function from my main loop where I create my GLFW window as well. When I call the function and replace the function input parameter (2nd parameter) using my own GLFW window, I get error "No matching function for call to..". Any suggestion ?
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