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Thread: Depth Testing not working on AMD cards

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    Depth Testing not working on AMD cards

    My github repository:

    Depth testing does not work, period, for AMD users, and intel users are getting issues too.

    You can look at my main render function in SceneAPI.CPP

    Everything works fine on Nvidia.

    * The FBO class does some trickery with depth buffers
    * I'm dicking around with glDepthMask a lot in SceneAPI.cpp

    I have tried everything from:
    * Sticking glEnable(GL_DEPTH_MASK) everywhere
    * Removing all glDepthMask(GL_FALSE) calls
    * Adding more glDepthMask(GL_TRUE) calls
    * Changing to additive transparency in my pipeline (In the demo, right clicking)

    Please, tell me how to fix this.


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    Jan 2018
    My Weighted Blended Order Independent Transparency was screwing up on AMD and INTEL because I was trying to composite the depth buffer onto itself

    On NVIDIA, the card was smart enough to avoid that automatically

    I should have been smarter


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