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Thread: White Screen of death, no errors logged.

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    White Screen of death, no errors logged.

    Firstly here is the full source:
    Main is in app.cpp
    Utils contains error clearing/logging command, one of them being the all frequent GLLOG().
    rest is self explanatory

    Then onto the other api specification:
    Opengl4 Core
    GLEW 2.1
    GLFW 3.2

    Now if you compile above, with my setup, it loads a white screen and stops responding.... Am I doing something dumb?

    Note: I have little experience in c++ compared to java and python so please do be gentle

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    You wouldn't happen to be running on Windows Bootcamp on one of the new Macbook Pros would you? I've been having the same issues with rendering many of my grad school projects that are heavily dependent on OpenGL - everything compiles and runs, and yet all I get is a white screen. The weirdest thing is that every now and then the window renders just fine, but any attempts to resize the window freezes the render... I'm running Windows 10 on a 15" Macbook Pro bootcamp (not parallels) that's equipped with an AMD Radeon Pro 560x GPU and an i7 six-core 2.6 GHz CPU. I'm also using the latest version of GLFW (3.2.1) for my projects and all work was done under the assumption of OpenGL 4.3 compatibility on Windows.

    Even weirder - OpenGL Extensions Viewer 5.1 says that all render tests pass and yet it still throws up a white screen. I'm thinking it's a driver issue but I'm curious if others are seeing issues like this.

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