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Thread: Error LINK2019 unsolved external symbol

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    Error LINK2019 unsolved external symbol

    Im new in OPENGL and i wanted to execute some simople programms but after i got deeper into it i have always the same error messgage:
    unresolved external symbol gluPerspective referenced in function "void __cdecl draw_pointcloud(float,float,struct glfw_state &,class rs2:oints &)" (?draw_pointcloud@@YAXMMAEAUglfw_state@@AEAVpoints @rs2@@@Z)
    Does anybody has a clue how i could solve it?
    im using virtual studyo 2017 and win. 10
    i installed allready openCV and openGL with all the libs and dll's.


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    You need to like with the GLU library. Alongside opengl32.lib, add a link to glu32.lib.

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