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Thread: Some real working answers

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    Apr 2018

    Cool Some real working answers

    okay that "Need Help" subject I replied to, wont exactly make you look... lol

    Latest Features:
    Gravity Simulation: c
    Focal len and user defined star size: S,s
    Random StarGate. Warps to the stars: 5
    StarGate: 6

    Code that answers many questions - got to know at least this much about the Matrix.
    not exactly a newbie - misnomer, hah

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    Apr 2018
    More features:

    Visual effect hint, enter Sge 09 (14,000 lightyrs), tab twice(key focus),
    hit key '6', select Sun target, Set button, Mode CameraView.
    Rotationrate and tilt in one glMultMatrixd
    Draw oRbit lines: r

    To do:
    Constellation boundary lines
    Galaxy lib
    Rings are horrible - redo

    I expected loads of interest and teamwork with this glorious open source local universe -
    for improvements and new ideas on star draw, orbit lines and ring shading -
    you guys are no help! lol guess I'm on my own. That's nothing new.
    But for beginners, here's where you learn 3D math - by working example - the only way.
    Want 3D? Here's a giant leap forward with all the prebuilt functions - peace and success to u.

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