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Thread: Fresnel without cubemapping

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    Fresnel without cubemapping


    Now I working on transparency and refraction in Opengl and GLSL. How to add fresnel calculation in GLSL code without using cubemapping.

    I have used the method as per the below tutorial,


    Code glsl:
    vec3 lightcalc(lightdata mlight)
        vec3 lightDir; vec3 total;
        float attenuation; 
        float specPhong,specBlinn,diff;
        vec3 diffuse,specular;
        vec3 norm = normalize(Normal);
        vec3 view_pos = vec3(0.0,0.0,10.0);
        lightDir = normalize( - FragPos);
    /************** DIFFUSE EFFECT *************/
        diff = max(dot(norm, lightDir), 0.0);
        diffuse = diff * diffuse_color *;
    /************** SPECULAR EFFECT *************/
        vec3 viewDir = normalize(viewPos - FragPos);
        vec3 reflectDir = reflect(-lightDir, norm);  
        vec3 halfwayDirection = normalize(lightDir + viewDir); 
        float w = pow(1.0 - max(0.0, dot(halfwayDirection, norm)), 5.0); 
        //float spec = pow(max(dot(viewDir, halfwayDirection), 0.0), 511.0);
            specBlinn = pow(max(dot(norm, halfwayDirection), 0.0), shine);
        specPhong = pow(max(dot(viewDir, reflectDir), 0.0), shine);
        specular = mix(specular_color,vec3(1.0),w) * specBlinn *;
           total = ambient + diffuse + specular;
    void main()
          vec3 result;
          result = lightcalc(light[0]);
          FragColor = vec4(result,1.0);

    But it does not give the result what i expect. Any one have any idea to render transparent object with fresnel? I want to render it as the below image.

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