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Thread: MD5mesh smooth normal calculation

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    MD5mesh smooth normal calculation

    Hi everyone!

    I'm trying to calculate smooth normals for a .md5mesh. I'm getting incorrect lighting, it seems some normals get flipped and show up on the wrong side.

    Here is a screenshot showing both sides of the model.
    The brighter side is where the light hits the model, but some parts get lighted on the wrong side.

    My normal calculation:
    Code :
      let a = new Float32Array(3);
      let b = new Float32Array(3);
      let n = new Float32Array(3);
      for (let ii = 0; ii < mesh.tris.length; ii += 3) {
        let i1 = mesh.tris[ii + 0];
        let i2 = mesh.tris[ii + 1];
        let i3 = mesh.tris[ii + 2];
        let v1 = mesh.verts[i1];
        let v2 = mesh.verts[i2];
        let v3 = mesh.verts[i3];
        // normal
        vec3.subtract(a, v2.pos, v1.pos);
        vec3.subtract(b, v3.pos, v1.pos);
        vec3.cross(n, b, a);
        // angles
        let a1 = vec3.angle(
          vec3.subtract(a, v2.pos, v1.pos),
          vec3.subtract(b, v3.pos, v1.pos)
        let a2 = vec3.angle(
          vec3.subtract(a, v3.pos, v2.pos),
          vec3.subtract(b, v1.pos, v2.pos)
        let a3 = vec3.angle(
          vec3.subtract(a, v1.pos, v3.pos),
          vec3.subtract(b, v2.pos, v3.pos)
        vec3.add(v1.normal, v1.normal, vec3.scale(vec3.create(), n, a1));
        vec3.add(v2.normal, v2.normal, vec3.scale(vec3.create(), n, a2));
        vec3.add(v3.normal, v3.normal, vec3.scale(vec3.create(), n, a3));

    What is going wrong here?

    Edit: If that helps, all models have multiple meshes. I first concat all meshes together, then calculate the smooth normals for it and then use these for each mesh.
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    This strange bug occured in the mesh parse function when parsing the joint orientations.

    In the past quat.calculateW returned a fixed negated w component, today it's not negated. Simple negating it again fixed my bug!

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