my steps
1) i am making a model and i giving a rig and making animation 1000 1200 frame in blender and i export these .obj files therefore i have to load 1000-1200 .obj files
2) i am using objloader in c++ and i am sending gpu with opengl VBO way
3) i didnt use multithreading with objloader
4) all files install in 80 seconds (one file has 2000face all triangle)

how can i accelerate it ?

1) i have to use multithreading ? is it only way ? then i cant use std::string and std::vector right ?
2) can i take only rig positions from blender and can i use them over only one .obj file in opengl with gltranslate and glrotate to move? against load all animation model ?
3) any suggestion please
i am beginner if you help me i will be happy thanks a lot