Hello, I am taking interest in developing using openGL and may take this thing as a career later on who knows. I am currently using the openTK library and started with learnopengl tutorials, I am doing fine translating from cpp to c#, but the thing is I still don't get the hang of transformations/rotation and stuff like these, so I started to look for some linear algebra playlists on youtube and got some university book as-well but I am kinda lost on when to start reading openGL tutorials and stuff, I really don't like being interrupted with some math that I don't know then go back and forth and lose ties with the code in order to understand some math and then go back to coding...etc so I decided to contribute a day or 2 for pure mathematics in order to be formally introduced to this particular math genre. So I decided to watch khan academy's playlist for linear algebra, then maybe watch some computer graphics lectures on youtube also to somehow get the hang of stuff...I am a civil Engineer so I have used linear algebra indirectly in my forces/statics and also took some planar geometry course in college as-well... So any advice/tips on how to take openGL seriously enough for me?