I currently have some heat-map data in a database. I was successful in creating painting a heat-map using the same data [using some vertex shading] onto a plane. Example:
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Now, the problem is that I am currently using something like :

glColor4ub(point1.color.red(), point1.color.green(), point1.color.blue(), transparency);
glVertex3d(point1.xCood - 750, point1.yCood - 750, 0);
glColor4ub(point2.color.red(), point2.color.green(), point2.color.blue(), transparency);
glVertex3d(point2.xCood - 750, point2.yCood - 750, 0);
glColor4ub(point3.color.red(), point3.color.green(), point3.color.blue(), transparency);
glVertex3d(point3.xCood - 750, point3.yCood - 750, 0);
glColor4ub(point4.color.red(), point4.color.green(), point4.color.blue(), transparency);
glVertex3d(point4.xCood - 750, point4.yCood - 750, 0);

And what this does [at least in my theory] is that it creates another layer over the existing plane. This causes code on clicking the plane below to be rendered useless. Changing the existing code too much is not an option right now. I found that if I draw a texture on the old plane, the code stays working.
That said, I was only successful in loading a texture from an image I made. Since the image is suppose to be calculated and painted during run time, I tried making an image from the data to load as a texture.
I used the Qt API functionality for achieving the same. I failed to recreate the same image. Might I be suggested a way to create a texture image from data owned.