I am making 3d scene and using ray tracing algorithm. When I add bounding box with the same length of sides every time I get the scene that looks like a tunnel, not like a box. Bounding box seems much deeper that it is.
My positioning settings are:

  • Camera position: (0,0,-10)
  • Camera direction: (0,0,1), so towards positive Z axis
  • Up vector: (0,1,0)
  • Distance from the camera to image plane: 10 units
  • One sphere at (0,0,2) with r of 2 units
  • Bounding box 10 units for all axis.

So image plane should be at 0 units for Z coordinate and the center of it is (0,0) for the X and Y.

This is the image I am getting:

Click image for larger version. 

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And as you can see a little dot in the center is sphere on (0,0,2) which shouldn't look that far away.

I got the box-like bounding box only when I used some crazy settings like when camera is 100+ units away from the image plane, and the bounding box is only 10 units in all axis, but I should get the right image with less distance from the plane.