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Thread: Raspberry Pi OpenGL issue with Kivy screenmanager

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    Raspberry Pi OpenGL issue with Kivy screenmanager


    Python: 2.7.13
    OS: Raspian Jessie
    Kivy: v1.10.1.dev0, git-8776f28, 20180123
    RPi: 3

    Trace-startup-GLerror file

    Description I am migrating an operational kivy app from Android using the same resources now on Raspberry Pi that is failing to display images in the kivy screen manager. I asked on the kivy forum but was told to use KivyPie, which I did but got the same results. My configuration is NOOBS, manually installed Kivy for Raspian Jessie, on a Raspberry Pi 3. I will also ask this same question on the OpenGL forum.

    In the log after starting my app, the following sections appear regarding OpenGL and Shader (see attached 'python -c kivy:log_level:trace' file). It appears these are working and reports the library files are in the /opt/vc/lib/ folder.

    [INFO ] [GL ] Using the "OpenGL ES 2" graphics system
    [DEBUG ] [GL ] glShaderBinary is not available
    [INFO ] [GL ] Backend used
    [INFO ] [GL ] OpenGL version <OpenGL ES 2.0>
    [INFO ] [GL ] OpenGL vendor
    [INFO ] [GL ] OpenGL renderer
    [INFO ] [GL ] OpenGL parsed version: 2, 0
    [INFO ] [GL ] Shading version <OpenGL ES GLSL ES 1.00>
    [INFO ] [GL ] Texture max size <2048>
    [INFO ] [GL ] Texture max units <8>
    [DEBUG ] [Shader ] Fragment compiled successfully
    [DEBUG ] [Shader ] Vertex compiled successfully

    After my app starts displaying images through screenmanager, the following error appears in the same log (invalid operation):

    glGetError 0x502

    After 7 of these invalid operation error messages, the following error appears (out-of-memory):

    Exception: FBO Initialization failed: Incomplete attachment (36054)
    Exception Exception: Exception('FBO Initialization failed: Incomplete attachment (36054)',) in '' ignored
    glGetError 0x505

    After 3 of these Exeption messages, my app crashes with the following end of process regarding Fbo and Shader:

    File "/home/pi/kivy/kivy/uix/", line 508, in add_screen self.fbo_out = self.make_screen_fbo(self.screen_out)
    File "/home/pi/kivy/kivy/uix/", line 472, in make_screen_fbo
    fbo = Fbo(size=screen.size, with_stencilbuffer=True)
    File "kivy/graphics/fbo.pyx", line 152, in
    File "kivy/graphics/instructions.pyx", line 753, in
    File "kivy/graphics/shader.pyx", line 184, in
    File "kivy/graphics/shader.pyx", line 695, in
    File "kivy/graphics/shader.pyx", line 555, in
    File "kivy/graphics/shader.pyx", line 585, in
    Exception: Shader didnt link, check info log.

    I've searched anywhere I can to find any clues to what to do but below are the attempts to find a solution, unsuccessfully.

    I have updated the rpi gpu memory as displayed below:

    /boot/config.txt: gpu_mem=512

    One comment suggested generating a listing, as attempted below, but I received the error instead.

    pi@goddard-rpi:~/.kivy/logs $ glxinfo -l
    Error: unable to open display

    I get the following response when running

    Detected Cython version 0.27.3
    Using this graphics system: OpenGL ES 2
    GStreamer found via pkg-config
    SDL2 found via pkg-config
    Found brcmEGL and brcmGLES library filesfor rpi platform at /opt/vc/lib/
    SDL2: found SDL header at /usr/include/SDL2/SDL.h
    SDL2: found SDL_mixer header at /usr/include/SDL2/SDL_mixer.h
    SDL2: found SDL_ttf header at /usr/include/SDL2/SDL_ttf.h
    SDL2: found SDL_image header at /usr/include/SDL2/SDL_image.h

    Please let me know what to do to solve this error and app crashing.
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