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Thread: need to process both normal and special keys for keyUp status

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    need to process both normal and special keys for keyUp status

    How do I use if (key==number){do stuff;} instead of

    Code cpp:
    switch (key) {
            case GLUT_KEY_LEFT : pGv->deltaAngle = 0.0f; break;//pGv->strafe_left = false; break;
            case GLUT_KEY_RIGHT : pGv->deltaAngle = 0.0f;break;//pGv->strafe_right = false; break;
            case GLUT_KEY_UP : pGv->deltaMove = 0.0f;break; //was deltaAngle CHANGE to DeltaAngle constantly move forward
            case GLUT_KEY_DOWN : pGv->deltaMove = 0.0f;break;
            case (97): std::cout<<".."; break;

    the reason is that I want to process keyUp with both normal keys and special and they are already a mixture of if (key==) and case(key) statements. Of course if you know the better way I'm all ears. I know that if(key==) is supposed to be equivalent to case(key) switch but I can't detect the up arrow with the key==arrow number.

    Thanks in advance
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