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Thread: Occlusion Culling by the Cryengine way: understanding

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    Question Occlusion Culling by the Cryengine way: understanding

    Hi All.

    Nice to start new thread in such warm forum.

    I have problems with low FPS in my little project.
    And it requires to some optimizations.
    When I tried to investigate 'Frustum Culling' algorithm I met the more interesting one:

    Main idea of method is:
    1 - Get depth buffer from previous frame
    2 - Make reprojection to current frame
    3 - Softwarely rasterize BBoxes of objects to check, whether they can be seen from camera perspective or not - and, based on this test, make a decision to draw or not to draw.

    I have some questions related this way.

    1 - How can new objects be rendered if we always using depth buffer from previous frame?
    2 - How can I relate rasterized C Buffer with all my mesh objects? I mean: How can I accept or reject current object for rendering using C Buffer?

    Thank you for answers.
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