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How come the "+0.5"?
You want to sample in the centre of each texel.

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Also im having some issues using the texture filter functions as well:

Code :

throws an error
Is a valid texture bound when you call those functions? Texture filters are a property of a texture; those calls set the filters for the texture currently bound to the GL_TEXTURE_2D target.

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edit: adding the 0.5 is needed for it to work, also it seems everything is working perfectly on my end now! even without the glTexParameterf setting. Though i am still curious about the two. Thanks alot!
The default setting for GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER is GL_NEAREST_MIPMAP_LINEAR, which requires that the texture has all mipmap levels defined. But if you're sampling with constant texture coordinates, it should be using the magnification filter, which defaults to GL_LINEAR. If you aren't sampling the exact centre of each texel, it will interpolate between adjacent texels.