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Thread: Is there some way to bind uniform with dynamic size to shader?

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    Question Is there some way to bind uniform with dynamic size to shader?

    I have shader with constant size of uniform array looks like next:
    Code :
    #version 430  // maximum version that can be supported by my ATI card with open source mesa driver.
    const int MAX_POINT_LIGHTS = 5;
    uniform PointLight pointLights[MAX_POINT_LIGHTS];
    struct Attenuation {
      float constant;
      float linear;
      float exponent;
      float distance;
    struct PointLight {
      vec3 colour;
      vec3 position;
      float intensity;
      Attenuation att;

    May I use in some way dynamic size of uniform array with my own structs?
    I mean:
    1 - On the CPU side I calculate "point light" number as three items.
    2 - I bind them those three lights to the shader.
    3 - On the shader side I have array with 3 items with known size.

    That is so cool if it possible!

    Tank you for answer!
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